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Please don't laugh at me but......(3 posts)

Please don't laugh at me but......GinaRHCP
Aug 12, 2001 5:36 PM
Okay, I need some help here. Can somebody please tell me anything and all they can about this particular road bike....... It's a used Klein and it says Stage Comp T on the frame. According to the bike shop guy, it's a steal at $400. According to him, the bike is worth $1,500 brand new because of all it has on it. I don't want to let on to him that I'm clueless so I thought I would get some info on my own. I understand about the importance of the bike fitting properly, but aside from that, I would like some details about this model. Can anybody help me? thank you thank you thank you! :)
re: Please don't laugh at me but......MeDotOrg
Aug 12, 2001 6:13 PM
Using I found a shop in Britain which listed a 1998 Klein Stage Comp T for 1300 pounds ($1800+ USD).

It does not appear on the current Klein website.

My suggestion would be to call another Klein dealer and ask if they can tell you anything about the model...
re: Please don't laugh at me but......cycleguy
Aug 12, 2001 8:55 PM
"I've heard rumors to the fact that Klein has discontinued their Stage model, but if you can find one, it is a worthy of consideration. A friend bought a Stage Comp T (T for triple chainring, but also available in a double). Beautiful aluminum frame with carbon fork - stiff, but a surprisingly good ride. Mix of Ultegra and 105 components. I forget the exact price, but I'm pretty sure it was in your range. Don't forget to consider a used bike. $1,500 spent in the used market could potentially get you a real top-end machine. Just be certain that you don't sacrifice fit in order to pick up a bargain."

Found that opinion on google also. just type in (klein stage comp t) and you will find other links. This was a page dated 1999