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Funny story from the Saturn Cycling Classic and other stuff(10 posts)

Funny story from the Saturn Cycling Classic and other stuffLazy
Aug 12, 2001 5:22 PM
Well, yesterday was a great race. Jonathan Vaughters won it without suffering any insect attacks. He did the 137 miles with over 11000 feet of climbing (over 80 miles up hill) in just under 7 hours. An amazing feat. The crowd in Breckenridge was large and loud. Very cool to see the hometown boy win it.

Anyhow, I've heard that Mercury and LeMond are having a little tiff or something. I don't know too much about it. So there I was walking down the street and I see Scott Moninger ride up to the line and I notice that his bike doesn't have any writing on it. They had taken all the LeMond stickers off. This didn't really surprise me too much until I was walking by the Mercury team car a little bit later. I happened to look at the bikes on the top and they only had the D in LeMond taken off leaving the word LeMon on the down tubes! I started laughing so hard I nearly fell over. Must be a pretty ugly situation between Mercury and LeMond.

Also, the race was VERY short of volunteers. So, next year some of you fellow Coloradans ought to think about making a weekend of it and volunteering. It was fun, and you get a cool t-shirt. I was marshaling near Central City. After the riders went by we had time to go lose $100 in the Casino, drive to Breckenridge, check into a hotel, eat lunch, watch the womens crit. (which was won by Dee Dee Demet-Berry), check out the cycling expo, and buy some new sunglasses all before the finish.
extremely funnyHank
Aug 12, 2001 5:50 PM
so are they pissed at Trek or the people who run the Lemond division or Greg Lemond himself? Don't tell me they're angry about the Lance/Ferrari comments... Anyway, hilarious. Thanks for sharing that.
extremely funny... Mercury's bikesmr tornado head
Aug 12, 2001 6:44 PM
No, see... LeMond pulled his sponsorship from the Mercury team shortly after they were given the "no-go" for the Tour de France.

At the Wendy's Cycling Classic, most of the team (including Derek Brouchard-Hall) are on new Fuji's, tho there were a couple LeMond's in the stable.

The Fuji's looked almost identical to the Team Issues that the 7up/Colorado Cyclist team uses except the angle of cut on the aluminum tube/lug where the carbon fiber seat stays join the seat tube. It's probably an issue of what model year they were pulled from.
Mercury v. Lemond v. FujuGW Rider
Aug 13, 2001 5:35 AM
The Mercury team was under contract to use Fuji bikes, however Lemond came along and started supplying their bikes to the team. Mercury had to break the Fuji contract and subsequently, Fuji sued the team. Fast forward to the team's Tour troubles and the Viatel bankrupcy, we can assume that to limit the team's liability, Mercury management decided to go back to Fuji bikes.

It wasn't because of Lemond's comments, but basically a business decision. A decision that had to be made, due to a previously shortsighted decision to end the team's relationship with Fuji.

IMO, Mercury tried to get too big, too quickly.

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.
Finish line confusion?TomS
Aug 13, 2001 6:18 AM
So, what was up with the race finish, when they essentially closed off the finish line after the first 5-10 riders? The had the first 5 do an extra lap around breck, and then everyone else just crossed the line without an extra lap. But after a few more small groups came through, a ton of people (press, officials, the winners families, etc) all started crowding the road, and they even pulled a fence most of the way across it - before a good number of riders had finished. This was the first big-ish road race I've seen, at least live, and it seemed like that confused a lot of riders.

There was a pair (I forget who) that was all set to sprint to the line, but the line was full of people and they just kinda let it go, and didn't look too happy about it. The one who came into the final stretch in the lead was behid the other guy at this point, and the other guy let him cross first since they couldn't really do a fair sprit with all those people. Other riders coming in had to slow to walking speed to get across the line, and it looked like after a while they didn't even bother coming down that final stretch.

Is that normal? It seemed kinda strange; at least to me, as a spectator... either way I had a great time, we watched them come into idaho springs, then on the way from idaho springs to breck we could see them on that frontage road from i70, then we caught the womens' crit and the end of the men's race in breck. It was cool to see all the team cars with mtn bikes on them :-) Looks like they all learned their lesson last year!
Finish line confusion?Lazy
Aug 13, 2001 9:04 AM
I'm not sure what the deal was with the finish line. It sure did confuse the riders though. I thought those two who were going to sprint for the line were going to smash into the barricades they had already put in the street. Seems to me if they were going to do the awards ceremony in the street that they should've had another finish line up the road a few hundred meters. It was kind of weak to cheat those guys out of hearing the crowd cheer them to the line.

Also, memo to Vaughters: The Credit Agricole shorts clash with the Handlebar & Grill jersey pretty badly. LOL

That womens crit was awesome huh? Those girls were flying. For those of you who missed out, the first 10 laps all had primes of alternating $60 and $100. Then, it was a miss and out until there were two riders left. Eventual winner Demet-Berry made a super strong attack with about .95 laps to go (right in front of where I was standing). $1K to the winner, $750 for second. Man was that exciting.
very short of volunteerslonefrontranger
Aug 13, 2001 8:59 AM
Geez, you're telling me. My SO and I unloaded and set up a huge daggoned truckload of fencing & start line stuff - the only other help was the event manager and the truck driver, and they were mostly concerned with (tactfully) chasing the Saturn folks out of the way of the start line equipment. That fencing crap gets heavy after about the dozenth barricade. We got there at 5.45, just as the driver pulled up with the truckload of start line stuff. No one else bothered to show up until 7.30 or so - by that time all we had to do was zip-tie banners onto the fence.

Rule #1 of event promotions: When you ask for volunteers, request 6 people for every 2 jobs you have to fill. That way you have at least a chance in hell of getting enough bodies there.

Tear-down wasn't too bad as some random guys stayed to help. We wound up putting most of the fence back on the truck, too - tho by that time I'd exercised the "girly-girl" option - I quit hauling those heavy steel barriers and was just cutting zip-ties and rolling banners. I was so sore Sunday I could barely move. The ironic part is I didn't even sign up for the gig, just tagged along at the last minute thinking they might need extra help (you don't do race promotions like we have for ten years without getting that nagging feeling you might be needed somewhere). I'm beginning to think that John doesn't date me for my looks, he just uses me to tote stuff :D

Guess I gotta start lifting again for 'cross season!
Aug 13, 2001 9:08 AM
I set up the barriers, referee stand, trophy and prize table, and moved porta-potties around at 5:30 in the morning two weeks ago for our clubs' hill climb. Out of the 30 or so members, only 5 volunteered to help even though it was our only race this year.

Did you happen to notice that the mid-week Mead CX series is back on for every Wed in Sept/Oct? Sweet.

See you at the Superior Circuit Race and StorageTek Coalminer's Classic the week after (more barrier lugging for you?)
random thoughtsBS
Aug 13, 2001 9:24 AM
Racers are notorious for NEVER volunteering for anything... yes, it takes a committed (and selfish) individual to compete successfully.

As far as event promotion goes, sounds like in this case (yet another) poor job was done... no way should they have to rely so heavily on volunteers "off the street".
Aug 13, 2001 9:38 AM
Hi there!

Muy simpatico, I've definitely moved my fair share of porta-potties around. The scary part is that one of the goals we had moving out here was to get OUT of the promotion business so we could focus more time on our own racing : )

Won't be doing the Superior Circuit - didn't find out about it in time and signed up for a Keystone MTB clinic instead next weekend. I didn't do Bannock either - they started the Women IVs at 7 AM, for Pete's sake.

Finally got the link for - they're sort of a secret society, aren't they? I kept hearing about their MTB series, but no one could fill me in on when/where. Finally got the scoop and cruised down there one night after work, only to find out that it was the LAST race in their series. And it looks like the perfect type fun rolling twisty MTB course for me, too (sigh) Oh, well - there's always next year, right?

I just found the Mead flyer, after a guy at work told me some guy at a race mentioned it was still on. I must say, the ACA holds good events, but their site is utterly dysfunctional! They still have CXL blocks for all the Mead races, no updates for Sept / Oct at all on their "race calendar". I really miss Truesport as a single-source CURRENT events calendar (all the Midwest promoters use it). I absolutely despise downloading those kludgy .pdf files just to look up a start time!

I'm doing registration at Coalminer's, so look for the short blonde with the attitude. One of my all time favorite race promoter tasks is telling Cat Is they can't race because they didn't bring their license (evil grin) No more barriers if I can help it.