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Will this work?(2 posts)

Will this work?GTrider215
Aug 12, 2001 4:22 PM
hey i have a Trek 1000, and i know someone who is selling a trek oclv carbon fork. He said the steer tube is 5-1/2 inches long 1" THREADED.
Will this fit my Trek i have all stock parts? and i have a regular stem.
re: depends...Akirasho
Aug 12, 2001 5:25 PM
.. assuming your Trek comes with a 1" headtube and headset (though some like Chris King are convertabile) and the 5.5 inches is long enuff for your Trek's steerer and stack height of your current headset (the total height of the exposed portions of you headset) and you can replace or use the current crown race, then it's possible.

The thing is, you can oftimes shorten and thread a too long steerer, but the opposite is not true. Take a few measurments (preferably in mm's... accuracy is important) on your ride (the stack height plus the length of your steerer) then measure again to be sure, then measure one more time to be certain... to see if it even comes close. Also remeasure the donor fork (crown to top).

BTW, the conversion factor is 25.4mm per inch. The CF fork therefore has a steerer length of 139.7 (140)mm... from a smaller frame no doubt.

Lastly, don't discount having your LBS take a look at the project. If you're unsure about installing a new fork or adjusting a threaded headset, this could save you beaucoup headaches!

Be the bike.