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Broken Braze-on(6 posts)

Broken Braze-onmarklorie
Aug 12, 2001 1:14 PM
2002 Lemond Buenos Aires; 1 day old; 1 ride...and i broke the braze-on. i was putting a bottle cage on and mis-threaded the screw. The screw got stuck and as i tried to remove it the weld holding the braze-on just gave way. it didn't fall off or into the tube, but it is loose and the threads are shot. It was my carelessness that brokeit, but shouldn't the weld hold? I wasn't turning it that hard.

can this be fixed at the shop? or will this have to go back to the factory for repair? (leaving me bikeless for while as i'm also waiting for a part for my mt. bike!!)
re: Broken Braze-onAustinTexasRider
Aug 13, 2001 5:13 AM
It's just a bottle cage braze-on, not the front der.? Not too much of a biggie. You could probably get a tap at a hardware store that is the next thread size up and tap out new threads, but you'd have to get the next larger size bolt probably with a different head too. That and just not using that braze on is your cheapest route. If the warranty will cover it, it could take weeks and them replacing the braze-on, painting and all, but if all covered it may be worth it. Heck they may find it easier to just replace the whole frame, except you may have to pay to have the bike disassembled at your LBS too. Such a little thing causing lots of fun!
Not to be concernedixiz
Aug 13, 2001 5:17 AM
depending on the manufacturer
Some of the bottle cage bosses arent welded/brazed They are rivetted (boss is actually a rivet) and painted over.

PEM fastener is a company that i have used many of their products (non cycling), maybe you can get something to replace it if you dont want to send the frame back.
Take it back to your LBSSpoke Wrench
Aug 13, 2001 6:12 AM
On an aluminum frame it's probably just a "riv-nut." Shop should have a replacement and the tool to install it. Shouldn't be a big deal.
Aug 13, 2001 6:18 AM
As one of the other posters have noted, some frames use a brazed in fitting and others use a mechanical fitting commonly called a Rivnut. A Rivnut can be used for repair if the brazed fitting comes loose. Check the following link to see how these fasteners work.

If your frame used a Rivnut to begin with, it should be possible to drill out the damaged one and install a new one. If your frame used a true braze on, you could replace it with a Rivnut. The braze on type of fitting should not come loose even if it is striped. The worse thing that should have happened is you could have tapped the threads out to a larger size. I would complain and see if you can get a warranty replacement.

PS: email me if you get stuck, I have a few extra Rivnuts I could send you.
re: Broken Braze-oncycleguy
Aug 13, 2001 5:20 PM
I would not do anything with out first taking back to the LBS and asking what they say. Doing anything to your frame could void your warranty.