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anyone bought/riden the Lemond Buenos Airies 2002 yet? Good?(3 posts)

anyone bought/riden the Lemond Buenos Airies 2002 yet? Good?RichardJenkins
Aug 12, 2001 10:37 AM
I'm interested in your opinions on the new Lemond 2002 BA. It looks to be a great ride. Has anyone riden or bought this yet, I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks
re: anyone bought/riden the Lemond Buenos Airies 2002 yet? Good?marklorie
Aug 12, 2001 12:59 PM
Just bought one yesterday and took the inaugural ride this morning. My first real road bike (though i've had several ATBs). It felt good. They upgraded to ultegra and threw in spd pedals and a threadless stem. The full ultegra was smooth and the wheels performed well. I was a bit nervous about the wheels since I don't think Bontrager has made road wheels before, but i guess they're the same exact design at the rolfs. So far they held up well to the bumpy streets of baltimore. I must felt as responsive as any of the aluminum bikes i tested, but not as bone jarring. I guess that is what you would expect.

One problem (though i assume it's a rare one). While putting on a bottle cage, the mis-threaded the screw into the braze-on. The screw got stuck and actually broke the braze-on--the weld just loosened up and the braze-on started spinning. I hope that's not a bad omen.
re: anyone bought/riden the Lemond Buenos Airies 2002 yet? Good?PegLeg
Aug 13, 2001 8:41 AM
I took delivery of '02 BA around 2.5 weeks ago. I have put 290 miles on it. Would have been more but things have been busy at work.

Rides Awesome. Full Ultegra is nice but it took a couple of rides and adjustments to get the front derailer tuned in.

Comes with Cane Creek headset. Have heard a lot of complaints about this specific headset but I have never had any problems.

Toss the saddle and get something decent.

Comes with Shimano double side SPDs. Can't remember exactly which ones but they are not the best. I replaced them with a set of Shimano PM-M858s that I bought in May.

I am disappointed in the wheels (Bontrager Select). Stickers on wheels were not applied very well and are peeling off. When I attempted to remove the "peeling" stickers they only partially came off leaving me the job of figuring out how to remove the remainder without damaging the finish of the wheels. I got my first flat yesterday. It was located on the very inside of the tube. Looks like it was cuased by a spoke head but I could not see anything that would have caused it. Once I got home I tore down the wheel again and replaced the wheel tape in an effort to make sure it does not happen again.

Love the red better than the yellow of '00. Just wish it did not have LeMond platered all over it 11 times.