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Tic...Tic Tic Tic....Tic Tic.....Rolf Comps or Ultegra??(3 posts)

Tic...Tic Tic Tic....Tic Tic.....Rolf Comps or Ultegra??Linus
Aug 12, 2001 5:53 AM
I am getting an annoying ticking from my rear hub area. Brand new 2000 Kelin Quantum Race with Ultegra triple and Rolf vendto comp wheels. It does not happen all the time but most of the time. Anybody have any ideas? It is driving me crazy. It is not chain rub. The chain is also loobed well with prolink. Please any help or a way that I can determine the problem........
weld gunk?dano
Aug 12, 2001 7:38 AM
If the rim is welded, then sometimes a little piece of metal from the inside of the weld gets loose inside the rim. I have two Mavic Open rims that give a tic-tic sound at the right speeds (slow speeds.) When I take the wheel off of the bike, I can sometimes get the ticking sound by spinning the wheel slowly in my hand. Sounds like a little piece of metal is loose inside the rim. I couldn't figure out what it was until someone else posted this idea.
re: Tic...Tic Tic Tic....Tic Tic.....Rolf Comps or Ultegra??Hans van Beek
Aug 12, 2001 10:35 AM
Sorry for my bad english. I am dutch !

Your Klein is a aluminium bike. And aluminium is sensible for tic's.
It can be the frame and any contact with all the parts or the spokes of the rearwheel.
First the frame ! Unlock the rearwheel, take it out and put some anti seize grease (Shimano has it) on the hubends and put it in again.
Because you said the noice was coming from the rearwheel it can either be the spokes. Get the outer and inner tube off. Get the lint off clean the spokeholes with a little cuttonstick and put some W40 or Sillecone oil in every spokehole from the outsite of the wheel. Lint back, tires back and the spokes don't make any noice anymore. An other question is if the spokes have enough tension. Try to give all teh spokes half a round and try again.