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Pedals and shoes --best bang for the buck(3 posts)

Pedals and shoes --best bang for the buckJammin
Aug 11, 2001 6:34 PM
I just ordered a 2002 Trek 2300 today (screaming deal of $1705.00 out the door by the way !) ...and of course they don't come with pedals. Now whos idea was that?

The only pedals I have ever used on my previous bike (Mountain bike) was the good ol aluminum type with the little cages for your feet. (sorry, I am at a loss for technical terms tonight)

Who makes a good set of pedals and shoes? Something that is light and just flat out works well together.

Any ideas? ....what is the best bang for the buck??
re: Pedals and shoes --best bang for the buckbunghole
Aug 11, 2001 8:09 PM
I personally like the SPD cleats. I used to ride with MTB pedals on my old LeMond. Now I use Ritchey Road pedals on my Colnago and Shimano SH-M220S mountain shoes. The sole of this shoe is very stiff and it is easier to walk on.
re: Pedals and shoes --best bang for the buckIcefrk13
Aug 12, 2001 7:04 AM
Coming from a mountaineering and backpacking background I found fit (just like your bike) is the most important. I personal use North Lake comps for both Mountain and road and on the pedals I use shamino 858's on my mountian and 535's on my Road. I have had no problems so far and have been very happy. The shoes are the best I have ever used. I like the pedals never have had any problems. On my next bike I may try the Speedplays, I like the look of them and everybody I talk to say they rock. But once again go for the fit that feels the best and go from there.