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Opinions needed on Torelli & Tommasini frames(2 posts)

Opinions needed on Torelli & Tommasini framesslowideclyde
Aug 11, 2001 1:25 PM
I'm looking (still) for my first road bike and would like any thoughts on Torelli and Tommasini frames, as there are no recent reviews here. I'm thinking about a Tommasini Sintesi or a Torelli Gran Sasso or Brianza. Or I could just go with a Bianchi. I like my Bianchi mtb and there's a Bianchi dealer nearby. All I know is I want something more comfortable than a pure racing bike and that I prefer steel over al in mtb frames, at least the ones I've ridden, and I'd probably feel the same way about a road frame. The Torelli and Tommasini frames are appealing because they have even shorter toptubes than comparatively sized Bianchis. I like mtbs with short toptubes and feel, again, like I'd prefer it on a road frame also. At 6'2" and 200-205 lbs, I am concerned about flexy steel frames and the Torelli frames do have downtubes as thin as 0.5mm. What's the general consensus about Torelli and Tommasini frames, especially the ones I'm considering since they're some of the least expensive they offer? Thanks for any input.
Opinion offeredGregJ
Aug 12, 2001 1:42 PM
I can't address the flex issue for you as I have not ridden these bikes nor do I weigh 200 lbs. However I will tell you that these 2 companies are well respected. I have ridden a Torrelli Nemo briefly and really liked it. Mostly though I have seen a number of Torrelli bikes and they are really nicely finished. They have thick tough paint jobs and smooth decal work, I think it is indicative of general high quality. Likewise with the Tommasini. The bikes you listed are really in 2 different classes however. The Sintesi is lugged Nueron (Ithink), light(for lugged steel) and definately a higher end frame than the Torelli bikes you mention. It will cost hundreds more to equip this bike than the Brianza and Gran sasso. I think you will probably be happy with any of these bikes, if at all possible you should arrange a long test ride. If I had to hazard a guess at which bike would feel the stiffest, I would say the Torelli.