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New Rider: Double or Triple(8 posts)

New Rider: Double or TripleAztecs
Aug 11, 2001 1:12 PM
I am about to buy a Lemond BA as my first road bike. The LBS is building it up Monday. I had my choice of the double or triple (I choose the double). I am 27 and ride mostly rolling hills and am looking mainly at becoming a better rider. Am I making a mistake? Will I regret not getting a triple? There is a steep hill (for me anyways) that I climb in the third ring with my mountain bike. I figured with the light road bike I will be able to get up it no problem.
Any thoughts?
Still time to switch my decision

re: New Rider: Double or TripleStarliner
Aug 11, 2001 1:30 PM
Stay with the double but ask shop to put on a 12-27 cassette (assuming your drivetrain is Shimano).
re: New Rider: Double or TripleGregJ
Aug 11, 2001 1:39 PM
You should be fine. There is a pretty good low gear available on doubles these days. With a 9-10 speed cog, you can run a 12-25 or 27 and still have a good tight cluster. I assume your small chainring will be a 39? As long as your weight is under control, I would go double. It may happen that you run out of gears occasionally, it is no big deal to suffer up a short hill out of the saddle. Enjoy your new bike.
re: New Rider: Double or TripleVictorChan
Aug 11, 2001 5:25 PM
Hehehehe.........using a triple here. Not that I wanted but it came with the bike, Shimano 105 crankset with Shimano 105 bottom bracket. No big deal. It does not weight any more than the double crankset. I probably won't go nut with either double or triple though. :-) We had this discussion early on though.
re: New Rider: Double or TripleBrianU
Aug 11, 2001 6:41 PM
I bought a 2001 Lemond BA last fall and it too is my first new roadbike. I bought a double, mainly because that is what was in stock my size. I just went over 2000 miles and I am still very happy with it, however I see no problem with a triple. For most riders, its an image thing. Anyway, your bike will come with a 53/39 upfront and a 25/12 in the back. For the kind of riding you described, I'm sure you will find the 39/25 combination to be more than adequite.
re: New Rider: Double or TripleVelocipedio
Aug 12, 2001 4:36 AM
Get what you feel most comfortable with. My gut feeling, though, is that, if you get the triple, you'll probably never use the small chainring.

I use the granny gear on my MTB, and I don't miss a small chainring at all on my road bike, even on steep climbs.
re: New Rider: Double or TripleHMS
Aug 12, 2001 9:25 AM
Go with the double. I bought my first road bike last year and decided to get a triple (Shimano Ultegra), thinking that I may need the third ring. I also ride mostly rolling hills. It was a mistake. I rarely use the third ring -- maybe 4 or 5 times in 2000 miles. However, the only problem with my bike has been the need for adjustments with respect to shifting on the front. There have been other posts in the past regarding the Ultegra triple -- I do not know whether these problems are Ultegra-specific or relate to other triples as well.
re: Ultegra TriplesSteve Bailey
Aug 12, 2001 3:45 PM
I just got done REMOVING an Ultegra triple drivetrain - Crank, STI shifters, B-Bracket, 9 speed chain, 9 speed cassette, to pack it all up and return to Nashbar.

Why ?.

It sucks !.

I've been using Ultegra 8 speed double for 6 years. Works great.

The Ultegra/105 triple shifters have poor to non-existant trim ability, the levers are stiff, resulting in missed shifts - Big to small when middle is where I want to be, as example. The derailer cable hangs up on the front derailer pivot retaining ring, etc... That combined with poor gearing choices - 30/42/52 is about it unless you swap the 30 for something smaller, even then you get chain rub on the middle ring, resulting in only the 4 largest cogs being useful.

I admit to being a gearhead, and am switching to a bar-con system, 110 BCD crank, and 8 speed ( I have this exact setup on a tourer/commuter and it works great !) to allow the use of wheels from the other bikes. I also admit that the bike is a "general purpose" racing/sport touring bike. My Klein with the 8 speed STI double remains as my racer/fast club ride bike.

Go double. Maybe get an Ultegra GS - medium cage R derailer to allow future use of larger cogs.