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No bike sucks (english translation)(2 posts)

No bike sucks (english translation)Made in Taiwan
Aug 10, 2001 9:21 PM
just to prove that not all asians can write Haiku

signed up for second century
in the A.M. quarter past three
bro was on line
ask if he want my wheel

no talking with eleven years
both finally grow up
should have done it sooner
pride in the way

first time together century
probably be fine
until mile thirty
far away til end of line

gather to practice ride
I get run over before i arrive
on the way to brother
he's a newbie and i almost died

eighty three year old lady
woke up way too early
nine A.M. already
still confused and weary

see the biker coming
speed up or stop
since biker fat look funny
let him eat black top

broken tailbone eight stitches
14 X rays and now on crutches
at home i use walkers
guess shouldn't be a biker

bent frame chipped fork
bike totaled
waiting for police report
why take so long

studying in foreign land
though i take up a sport
since i have cycle before
didn't think i'd brake a bone

now no bike at all
only comfy seat is the bowl
staring laptop till night fall
it's all that old lady's fault

bikeshop slow
police slow
sitting around
making my waist bulge

no bike stinks
no ride boring
road rash itching
chocolate ice cream keep on coming
haha thats awesome, i like when they ryme. (NM)GTrider215
Aug 11, 2001 5:55 AM