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TT or Tri ?(2 posts)

TT or Tri ?FTB3
Aug 10, 2001 9:06 PM
What is the difference between a time trial and triathalon bike? Would a tri bike like a Trek Hilo also be a good timetrial machine?
re: depends...Akirasho
Aug 10, 2001 10:39 PM
mainly on the venue and whether or not you need a specialty bike or not.

There is renewed debate about the most aero efficient rider position ( and on an upright bike with respect to speed, power and comfort (or lack thereof). In fact, many time trialists do so on road or modified road bikes (addition of aero bars, aero wheelsets and perhaps a set forward seatpost).

TT/Tri specific bikes generally have slacker headtube angles for steering stability while on the aeros and a steeper seattube angle to open up the hip and chest of the rider while on said aeros (thus the subject of new debate). This geometry also favors flat to rolling as opposed to rolling to hilly terrain... and to some extent, shorter courses... though they obviously can be used for Ironman (and beyond) distances.

Depending on the course and your personal needs, the Trek Hilo could be a good TT machine ( but it's geometry falls more into the category of a specialty bike. I ride a Cervelo P2K, an Airborne Spectre and a modified Cannondale R2.8, but a good friend rides a Trek Hilo 2000 with good success on TT's. 'Bout the only concerns might be wheel size. I'm unsure of Trek offers a wheel size option (frame size dependent) or not. If you're a taller rider, or don't want to invest in 650C wheels, tires and such, then you might have to look elsewhere (maybe that's changed for 2002).

Be the bike.