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Aero-bar piece(3 posts)

Aero-bar pieceGTrider215
Aug 10, 2001 3:43 PM
Yo tommorow im buying some Profile century aero-bars. Im getting a cheap pair justto try them out because i have never used aero-bars before. What i want to know is where do i put my speedometer at? I would figure the lil' bar that goes across is where i put my speedometer but in the pictures it doesnt show that. Does it realy come with it or do i have to buy it seperatly. or is there some kinda of rig i can use to mount my speedometer on? Thansk

Chris Vedral
re: Aero-bar piecejtolleson
Aug 10, 2001 3:51 PM
I have Profile Airstrykes and I had to buy the computer mount separately (what a rip!) but you may have space to keep your computer where it is on your handlebars, depending... you may be able to slide your computer to right by the stem and between the aerobar mounts (that's how I had it on my old bike but for some reason I used the computer mount this go-round.
re: Aero-bar piecegrzy mnky
Aug 10, 2001 4:16 PM
Just rotate you computer mount 90 degrees to try it out. Cut up a plastiv film canister to use as a shim if required. You can get the little bracket thing, but it's kind of a rip and it's not executed very well. You'll see what I mean if you try to use one. I think some other company started making little adapter brackets.