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Where do I get ball bearings?(11 posts)

Where do I get ball bearings?mr_spin
Aug 9, 2001 3:42 PM
I'm starting to overhaul my own hubs and I'm wondering where I go to get new ball bearings.

How can I tell what size I need? Is there a standard?

I have wheels with Dura-Ace 7700 front and rear, plus on my mountain bike I have White Industries front and XTR rear.

I also have Ksyriums, which I'm not planning on touching!
bring them to a BIKE SHOP????? (nm)Rusty McNasty
Aug 9, 2001 3:50 PM
any bike shop, some hardware storescory
Aug 9, 2001 3:51 PM
If they're loose balls, the bike shop should have them in stock. If they're in cages, they probably still do, but all my bikes are cup & cone, so I don't know how hard it is to track down specific pieces.
re: Where do I get ball bearings?davet
Aug 9, 2001 4:13 PM
When you do find a bike shop that carries loose ball bearings, buy ONLY Grade 25! That is the highest quality (Campy & Dura-Ace quality)
Grade 25 bearings are more expensive than the next grade down but are made to much tighter tolerances. Even at the higher costs, Grade 25's are usually not more than $3-4 per hub.
Bearing supply house - grade 10Kerry Irons
Aug 9, 2001 5:36 PM
Most cities of any size, or places where there is a substantial manufacturing base, will have a ball bearing supply house. There may be some challenge getting small quantities of loose balls, but you won't know until you ask. They also will stock sealed bearings, pullers, presses, and all the other stuff you might need to service a sealed bearing hub. Also note that grade 10 bearings are widely available, and they are significantly better than grade 25. The number designates the maxiumum deviation (in millionths of a meter, AKA microns) of the bearings from their nominal size. I don't know Campy's current practices, but in years gone by, they would hand select bearing lots to effectively get grade 1! I do believe that DuraAce spec. is indeed grade 25.
re: Where do I get ball bearings?Debby
Aug 9, 2001 5:18 PM
Loose Screws Bicycle Small Parts sells Grade 25 (100 to a bag).
Nashbar -- Loose Screws Is Closed 'til SeptemberGreg Taylor
Aug 9, 2001 5:28 PM
Nashbar's got them -- Loose Screws is closed until September.

The write-ups for each size gives a clue as to what size is generally used for each application (for example 1/4 inch for hubs, etc.). Don't rely on that, however. You really have to measure what you take out before you put new bearings back in. For that, you should get a Park Spoke ruler - about the handiest tool in my workshop. It has holes drilled in it of different sizes so you can measure ball bearings...
ditto Nashbarcyclopathic
Aug 9, 2001 6:46 PM
they sell loose bearings grade 25, 100/pack.
dont bother to measure 'em, just get all sizes, they are cheap plus you never know what size you might need tomorrow
Get all sizesDebby
Aug 9, 2001 7:31 PM
Ain't that the truth! I have 4 different sizes (100 per bag), but the bearing that got away yesterday when I dropped the bb "retainer" was a size I didn't have. Arrghhh....luckily I found the runaway Campy bearing after quite a search. (Seems that Campy SR uses a smaller than average size)

I bought them from Loose Screws, because at the time, Nashbar had limited selection in stock.
Searching yields nada!nova
Aug 10, 2001 5:48 AM
I've searched the Nashbar online catalog using "ball bearing" "ball bearings" "bearing" and "bearings" and didn't find a single ball bearing!
Try thiscyclopathic
Aug 10, 2001 1:24 PM

their search is broken since they change website
and unfortunately they have only 2 sizes left :-(