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Rolf Wheels(24 posts)

Rolf Wheelsjjay
Aug 9, 2001 2:55 PM
I keep hearing bad things about Rolf wheels. Are they really that bad? I just bought a Trek 2300 and don't want to be hearing these things because I can't afford to upgrade my wheels. Thought I was buying good stuff at the time.
Always believe everything you hear...mr_spin
Aug 9, 2001 3:34 PM
If you accepted even half of the "reviews" you read here at face value, you'd probably never ride a bike again. If you like the wheels, enjoy the wheels.
re: Rolf WheelsTig
Aug 9, 2001 4:12 PM
I have a 2300 and like the lower line Rolfs it came with. Unlike the high end Rolfs that are known for their harsh rides, these are still stiff, yet more comfy for longer rides. Some people have complained about the time it takes to get broken spokes repaired, but I have never damaged the wheels yet. But hey, I only weigh 140!
re: Rolf WheelsSpoke Wrench
Aug 9, 2001 6:31 PM
If you take to heart everything you hear, eventually you will reach the point where you can't buy anything.

My wife and I are friends with another couple who also ride a tandem. One year I switched from Continental tires to Specialized because I kept getting caseing cuts with the Conties. The other couple switched from Specialized to Continentals at the same time for some perfectly logical reason that I don't remember today. The following year we were both much happier with our choices.

The point is that different people have different personal experiences which color their choices. Your mileage may vary.
Rolfs uber alles!Largo
Aug 9, 2001 7:03 PM
Well, maybe not all, but they are damn good wheels. 6000km on my comps, and 0 problems. I replaced the grease in them with lighter grease, and re-arced the spring that retains the ratchets and it improved the action, but they are great. BTW, i'm 6'6", and 220lbs.
They cause cancer too...JL
Aug 10, 2001 4:36 AM
Seriously though. Like the others said, you can't believe everything. If you did, you wouldn't eat anything but garlic & spinach, because it all causes cancer according to the news.

Just enjoy the ride and worry about issues with your wheels if you ever have any. FWIW, I have the Vector Comps and they (knock on wood) have been flawless for me.

Happy riding.

I love mineDean
Aug 10, 2001 5:41 AM
I have a set of Vector Pro's and I love them. Although many say they are harsh, I cannot tell a difference between them and Open Pro's w/Chorus hubs in ride quality. Also, I weigh 225. Good luck.
re: Rolf Wheelsken vining
Aug 10, 2001 8:59 AM
I have a Trek 2300 with vector comps, I weigh 230, the bike has about 2,000 miles on it, and I have never had a problem.
Can't say that I blame you ...bianchi boy
Aug 9, 2001 6:26 PM
Your ads are very effective and I have been amazed that you offered them for free. But is a flat rate the only way to go? Although $3 is very reasonable if you're selling a $1,500 bike, it's kind of steep if you just selling a $15 stem.

Anyway, if it helps keep RBR running, start charging for ads. This is the best cycling web site on the internet, and I'd like to see it continue.
re: Yes, RoadbikeREVIEW will be charging $3 in Classifiedsgrace
Aug 9, 2001 6:32 PM
WHAT!!!! NO FREE LUNCH????????
re: Greg, dont do mistake Frank didcyclopathic
Aug 9, 2001 6:55 PM
the result would be that people either try to sell it in other sections or go to other free sites.

I understand you have to generate revenue, but at least consider dropping charges for small items under 50$, 3$ on 10$ item is 33% surcharge!
Aug 9, 2001 7:04 PM
What's this bull about "no free lunch" you think they display all of the ads on, bike site specials, etc free of charge?
Our value (and our only value) to this site are our eyeballs which are calculated by visit, by page hit, by click through, etc and then sold to advertisers.
This is not a free lunch for anyone - a better way of putting it would be that their advertising based model is either failing or they just feel that whatever loss of "eyeballs for sale to advertisers" associated with a reduced number of visitors because of a posting fee in the classifieds is more than offset by the fee itself...
Aug 9, 2001 8:33 PM
(Don't get too charged up--I think that response was an example of irony....)
actually Ken,Free?
Aug 9, 2001 9:19 PM
it seems to have been a sarcastic remark aimed at those who would critique the advent of a fee based system. mine was a pissy response to that. at least it was honest. pick, pick, pick
Free?...actually it was pissy irony! *S*(nm)grace
Aug 9, 2001 11:00 PM
Idea needs lots of workgirodebirdman
Aug 10, 2001 12:17 AM
The MTBR classified are totally ruined. Not only are they charging $3 for EVERY post, but the new system requires you to pay via a credit card, there is no negotating with the seller, no contact with the seller for that matter, required to ship a certian way, ect. The site is run by some foolish system; what is wrong with just calling or emailing the seller like in the old days? The worst parts are
1) not being able to posted "wanted" ads, so I can't get the odd parts I normally can find on this site
2) people not selling small items such as components. Why pay $3 for a $10 part you are willing to sell. What is so wrong with an annual membership fee of say $15 to use the site? Works for me. Otherwise, these classifeds are going to die, they were the best on the net.
Use Newsgroups...alansutton
Aug 9, 2001 9:11 PM
It's free and always was, plus it's a public place with no banner ads. This is how the internet started and it's how it will end...
re: Yes, RoadbikeREVIEW will be charging $3 in ClassifiedsspdplayR
Aug 10, 2001 5:13 AM
about six years ago i got turned onto mtbr as an alternative to buying bikes and components as a low"er" budget college student. i not only purchased several bikes there, i sold various things, and still used it to get a better deal on parts than anywhere else. IT WAS AWESOME. noot now. it sucks. about two weeks ago i placed a couple of adds and sold some stuff, so when i read this post i was awestruck. i didn't believe it b/c i had posted under the old style. and while the rest of the site does rock that was like the candy isle at the grocery store. instead of going there everyday (a coupel of times) i think i'll hit it only when i run out of the other resources. i understand that these sites need to bite off their piece of capitalism, but i think it needs to be looked at a bit more. i agree with the writer above with the membership deal. something more along those lines needs to be addressed. this is a great site too, but if it takes a bend for the worse, i'll be in yahoo searching for a new classifieds section for bikes.
Don't think it's a good ideaCRM
Aug 10, 2001 5:27 AM
I don't know how bad your financial situation is which caused you to initiate this system, but from my perspective, it's a very bad idea.

I used the classifieds because it was quick, easy and free. Now it's none of these. By driving away the people who don't want to use the new classifieds, you will be driving away your audience. They will turn to other sites who will be happy to capitalize on your mistake.

I'm sure the advertising dollars you make elsewhere on the site are far more than you expect to make on the classifieds and, by driving away your audience, you will be driving away your advertisers as well.

A short-sighted plan, I'm afraid.
Aug 10, 2001 5:56 AM
not in archives
Aug 10, 2001 7:18 AM
People used the classifieds because they were simple, quick effective and free. Its a hassle now. Maybe the anual fee thing would be better than your $3 per item charge. KEEP IT EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Youre gonna lose a lot of traffic.
Maybe we should start a list of options to sell stuff. Heres twoBubba
Aug 10, 2001 7:21 AM

I think its so cal classifieds?? A quick search on yahoo will pull it up. Its based in so cal but there are lots of riders there and Im sure most would be willing to ship.
re: Yes, RoadbikeREVIEW will be charging $3 in Classifiedsken vining
Aug 10, 2001 8:56 AM
I am disappointed to hear a $3 charge will be implemented. I feel a flat rate is flat wrong. And if e-mail correspondance between seller and buyer goes away...well I can't imagine buying something without a few questions. Please re-think your plans. Maybe you could post a few different possiblities and let the people vote for one.
It's a website war out there...Shad
Aug 10, 2001 12:20 PM
I purchased a bike this past winter that I found on the classifieds section here. I looked almost every day for nearly a year before I found what I was looking for. (I'm picky) I tried other sites as well but never found any that offered the kind of selection that exists here. There are always many new posting each day. Some of the sites I found had maybe one new posting each week. Why would I even bother going to a site that had such a limited selection? It's useless! My time is valuable and I don't have the time or patience to look for things and wait for them to load.

Perhaps the site should charge based on the asking price of the goods to be sold. Under $50=free, $50-$100=$1, $101-$499=$2, etc. So often the "multiple listings" prices keep dropping as time goes by. This would encourage sellers to be realistic in their original asking price, and possibly bring more traffic to the site due to the better deals. More traffic = more eyes looking at the advertisments = more money paid by advertisers. It also would encourage sellers to post pictures and give more details in the ad instead of just rushing and posting something uninformative simply because it's free to do. I've recommended this site countless times to people looking to find a decent bike at a decent price. It really has offered something for everyone. I lurk here almost every weekday and love this site and its format. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Shad Prins
Apple valley, MN