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Should I change my stem?(3 posts)

Should I change my stem?John Evans
Aug 9, 2001 11:25 AM
I have a Trek 6000 and have been riding on the road allot lately so I went down to the local bike shop to look at road bikes. I settled on a Trek 1000 but I would feel a little more comfortable if the handle bar was a little higher than I can get it as I am used to the feel of the mt bike. What would you folks suggest? Stem replacement? What type? Other ideas?
re: Should I change my stem?jtolleson
Aug 9, 2001 11:32 AM
Generally I'd say you should get used to the stretched out position of road riding if you can. Going too upright on your handlebars will affect turning and performance. You can slightly rotate your handlebars to make the brake hoods feel a little more within reach (no, not flipped upside down like we did in the 70s!)

Next, are you sure your bike FITS? Fit is not just a function of seat tube length/standover. Even though this is an entry level bike, your selling shop owes it to you to put you on a trainer and evaluate whether the top tube is too long.

If you must make a stem swap to get comfortable, do it in consultation with a fit check. You may be able to go one size or so shorter (like to a 90) with a little bit of rise (like 5 degrees) and feel comfy enough to not geekify your bike with one of those long riser stems.
re: Should I change my stem?ken vining
Aug 10, 2001 9:03 AM
When I went from mtn bike to road bike, I was so uncomfortable with the position I was miserable. But with a little time, no problems. Make sure the bike fits right and you will soon develop the comfort level on the road that you are used to.