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Revenge of the Cyclist(10 posts)

Revenge of the CyclistJim Hubbard
Aug 9, 2001 11:20 AM
Here is something that happened the other day that I have to post.

Coming home after doing two hours of motorpacing, I has passed by a car with some idiot leaning out the window yelling abuse, the usual shit "Get the F*&k off the road" and all the rest of it. This is fine, being a rider you get used to this after a while, so I just ignore it. Further down the road the saw car passes me again, same story. Tis time something snaps, I know that up the next hill there is a set of lights that the car is going to get stuck at, I put it in the biggest gear and start chasing. By the time I catch them at the lights the juices are flowing.
I ride up to the passenger window unclip, draw back my fist and swing it at the window. Then I start the shouting "you got a problem get the f&*k out of the car right now and lets settle this. The passenger that had been leaning out of the window just sits there and goes white. I yell at him agaim telling him to get out of the car. He slams his hand on the door lock. Mean while the driver is sitting there with a death grip on the wheel looking straight ahead, won't look at me. I don't think that I have seen two eople look so frightened before. Meanwhile there is a bus beside me, I break out of my rage state to hear this clapping beside me and there a few people leaning out of the bus applauding. This was a great moment of satisfaction for me, but I don't recommend that everyone try it, but I had to tell someone.
Happy EndingGW Rider
Aug 9, 2001 11:38 AM
Glad to hear that you had a happy ending to your story, at least from your point of view.

To everyone else who may want to do the same, Be careful out there, ya never know when your story will end in the opposite!

And no, What handgun should I carry messages!!

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.
My Revenge StoryAlpedhuez55
Aug 9, 2001 12:22 PM
I had a couple of red necks in a Camaro try to drive me off a road once. I was riding in a wide shoulder of a road but they forced me into the dirt and I almost crashed. The car in back of me stopped to see if I was OK.

About a mile later, I came up to them at a red light. I leaned my bike against a nearby pole and snuck up to the rear of their car. I stuck a twig in their rear tire valve and the air started to slowly leave the tire. The guy who had pulled over to check on me gave me a big smile and a thumbs up.

Sure enough, about another couple of miles up the road, the Rednecks where at the side of the road changing the tire which was completely ruined (As well as a dented alloy rim) for being run on flat. When I rode by them I held up my minipump and told them they could use it!!!

I do not beleive I tried it and would not do it again, but I also got a lot of satisfaction out of it!!! It is nice to put someone in their place!!!
Rock on. I wish I had the balls! (nt)UncleMoe
Aug 9, 2001 1:37 PM
Be carefull about talking back...Cartman
Aug 9, 2001 2:45 PM
I got yelled at once. He called me a F*&#! idiot, and I yelled back, no you are a f^&*!% idiot! He then swerved at me. I reported him, and he was stopped but not charged. The moral of the story, don't pick on people who are driving machines much bigger than yours. It feels good to vent, but the consequences may not be worth it.
And do not be stupid.wink
Aug 9, 2001 3:41 PM
In 1990 I was driving my Chevy Caprice Classic with my wife and two year old son. We stopped at a stop sign at an intersection. I was clear to make a right turn except a cyclist blew right through his stop sign, I hit the breaks hard to avoid hitting this guy. I continue on my way and catch up with him and proceed to cordially remind him that he is obliged to stop at traffic signs.. This guy starts calling me names, my wife names, and lot of vulgarity. I am thinking to myself with one quarter turn of this steering wheel this guy is at best a paraplegic. Of course I just ignore him, but what an idiot.

Remember fellas it is a contact sport out there and we are out weighed by 3,000 pounds. Also believe it or not there are idiots that are cyclist!
re: Revenge of the CyclistThe Lone Cyclist
Aug 9, 2001 9:00 PM
Jim, you are lucky that you did not encounter somebody who carries a weapon...also, imagine the next time these idiots encounter another cyclist on the road. Do you think, maybe, that they will vent on that cyclist...perhaps throw a bottle or a jack at that cylist?

I ride alone.
re: Revenge of the Cyclistjim hubbard
Aug 9, 2001 9:09 PM
The country I ride in you can't get handguns(well you can but only to collectors). The point of doing this was to scare the shit out of the two in the car. Next time they think about doing something like that, they will remember me, this could be a negative or a positive. I would like to think a positive, just a reminder that because you drive a car you are not invunerable. However if the passenger had of tried getting out of the car he wouldn't have made it out of the door. I was in that kind of state. As I said this is not recommended for everyone, but sometimes it is good to just follow your instincts. is much more effective weaponkenyee
Aug 10, 2001 6:10 AM
A weapon is what someone uses (baseball bat, fountain pen, etc.) to harm another person. As someone quarter turn of the steering wheel and you're a paraplegic.

You're bold to do what you did and these idiots got what they deserved, but you were lucky they were not more aggressive afterwards (action/reactions usually escalate) and took the time to run you off the road so you'd break an arm or collarbone. Food for thought.
re: Revenge of the CyclistPaul J.
Aug 9, 2001 9:08 PM
Way to go Jim. Just ignore all these naysayer weanies. They all probably use aluminum chainring bolts....