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What size of cassette can I use with Ultegra ?(11 posts)

What size of cassette can I use with Ultegra ?PeterRider
Aug 9, 2001 9:45 AM

what size of cassette can I use on a road bike with Ultegra 8spd components for going into hills and mountains ? I've seen cassettes like 12-25, 13-26. I've even seen HG70 cassettes 11-30, is this only for mountain bikes or can it go on road bikes ?


If I'm not mistaken...,Cima Coppi
Aug 9, 2001 10:16 AM
The maximum tooth cog for a short cage Ultegra rear derailleur is 27t. If you go with the long cage Ultegra, you can put on cassettes up to the maximum cog size that Shimano makes.

how is it possible to know small/long cage ?PeterRider
Aug 9, 2001 10:25 AM
The derailleur I'm using is the old model double front/8spd rear 6400 series, that's all I know. The derailleur is about 4 years old. What is the difference small/long cage, how can I see which one it is ?

Thanks !

how is it possible to know small/long cage ?4bykn
Aug 9, 2001 11:14 AM
small cage looks like a standard road derailleur, while the long cage looks more like a mtn bike der. The biggest difference is in the distance between the pulleys on the derailleur. I would guess yours to be a short cage. The long cage is mostly used for triples, I think.
www.shimano.comgrzy mnky
Aug 9, 2001 11:16 AM
They have all the specs on short vs. long cage. You can get away with running 11-28 (XT cogset w/1.2 mm spacer) on a short cage, but the long cage keeps the chain from going slack when you go small/small.
AH, yes, I have a small cage !PeterRider
Aug 9, 2001 12:19 PM
It seems from the shimano website that the small cage is for double and the large cage for triple.

Does that 1.2 mm spacer come standard with the XT cogset or would I have to replace it ?

Thanks for the explanations.
You gotta ask.grzy mnky
Aug 9, 2001 12:38 PM
Ask at the LBS when you get the cassette - chances are the guys won't know you're putting it on a road bike vice a MTB. The spacer is around $1.29, but without it your cogset will wobble all around and your shifting will suck. The good thing about a long cage is that it will work on anything.
Look at the cage itselfMarlon
Aug 9, 2001 11:19 AM
Compare mountain bike derailleurs and road derailleurs in general - how far are the derailleur jockey wheels from each other? Mountain derailleurs jockeys are usually farther apart than road ones; hence, they're "long" cage derailleurs. The cage refers to the actual "cage" or metal holding the jockeys in place. Road derailleurs are typically "short" cage deraillers.

Look at an Ultegra derailleur in a stock bike shop catalogue (ie Excel Sports or Colorado Cyclist) and compare the cage on the derailleur to the one on your current bike. If it's longer, it's probably a long cage.
Pardon me but.....Rusty Coggs
Aug 9, 2001 5:20 PM
The max large cog spec for both the short and long cage ultegra 9 speed is 27 teeth. Chain wrap capacity is 29 and 37 teeth respectively,thats where the long cage comes in.The 8 speed ultegra and 105 had max tooth capacities of 28 teeth, and DA 8 was 26 teeth. I have run 30 tooth max cog with derailers speced for 28,but any more is problematic.
I use a Shimano XT 11-28Bud
Aug 9, 2001 11:19 AM
Works fine with standard short cage (double) Ultegra derailer. Tried an 11-30 and I couldnt keep the pully from touching the 30 tooth.
you should be fine with 11-30cyclopathic
Aug 9, 2001 7:14 PM
you need to add extra links to your chain and you might need longer B-screw.

common "believes":
- Shimano road bike rear der are rated 27t
they used to be rated 28t, SHim downgraded to 27t as they no longer make 28t cass, and they clear 30t
- small cage RD doesn't have enough cappacity (29t road/33 mnt) so I cannot run it with 53/39 and 11/30 (53-39=14, 30-11=19 14+19=33)
actually you can, it only means you can't use 39/11 and 39/13 combos /and you shouldn't use them anyways/

the only problem you may run into with 11-30 cass is that tension screw will not have enough lengh to clear largest cog /problem is common on some mnt frames with 34t cass/. you can either go to hardware store and get longer b-screw (.20$) or you can turn your B-screw around so head rides on der hanger. Second makes it a bit harder to adjust, but is in some cases preferable as it prevents b-screw from slipping off der hanger