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Trek 2300 2001 vs 2002(6 posts)

Trek 2300 2001 vs 2002Joel76
Aug 9, 2001 9:04 AM
I am looking at buying my first roadbike in years (after doing the mountain bike thing) I zeroed in on what I think I want, which is the Trek 2300. I hear the 02 is better but haven't heard any details and there is not anything on the Trek website. The dealer seemed clueless. Thanks for any advice, opinions, lashings ect...
No More RolfsAlpedhuez55
Aug 9, 2001 9:28 AM
I think the biggest difference will be the move to Bontranger Wheels from Rolf Wheels. I know it is effecting most of their road bikes and I assume the 2300 will be the same. They have split with Rolf and decided to keep the wheels in house.
Difference is probably the wheelsmr_spin
Aug 9, 2001 9:30 AM
I don't actually know what is different, but I do know that Rolf isn't with Trek anymore. The 2001 model comes with Rolfs, but I'd imagine the 2002 comes with the new Bontrager wheelset. The 2300 is a pretty decent bike. Enjoy.
new tube design and partscapitolbob
Aug 9, 2001 11:07 AM
hold out for 2002, unless you get a good deal on 2001.

2002 has:

bontrager parts and wheels (read: better than icon/rolf)

new aluminum tubes: lighter frame, better structure
Truth be told though...Marlon
Aug 9, 2001 11:40 AM
Icon parts aren't all that bad. I've seen waaay worse house parts, and Icon stuff is actually decent. And hard to get to, as aftermarket upgrades. Yes, it is like the "no name" brand of bike parts, but their sterling and graphite lines are, for the most part, fairly nice. Too bad Trek doesn't market them more.
I stole a 2300Bill RHIT
Aug 9, 2001 12:23 PM
I recently upgraded to a 2001 Trek 2300 in a 63 cm for $1250. I absolutely stole this bike. Keep looking and if you find a deal like I did but the 2001, sell the rolfs, and use the money you saved to buy some Zipp 404's or whatever your pleasure.