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Kreitler Rollers(7 posts)

Kreitler RollersAbadamus
Aug 8, 2001 6:40 PM
Alright, I have decided to go with Kreitler rollers. My question relates to the resistance on the rollers with smaller diameter drums (I am thinking the 3" Poly-Lyte vs the 2.25" poly-Myte)... I think I will go with poly because as Kreitler explained to me - there is not any practical difference between poly and anodized metal endcaps other than consumer preference (they are also quite a bit cheaper). Does anyone use any of the Kreitler rollers - what is the resistance like (how hard can the work out be?) Thanks.
Rollers and Al Kreitlermike mcmahon
Aug 8, 2001 7:03 PM
I got the Poly-Lites and find them to be pretty good in terms of resistance. I work up a good sweat after about fifteen minutes and don't find myself wishing I had a lot more resistance.

BTW, did you all hear that Al Kreitler died recently? How about a moment of silence for the King of Rollers?
Rollers and tire wearDoctorNurse
Aug 9, 2001 5:18 AM
Hey, Will using rollers increase tire wear, or will the rubber wear out atthe same rate as riding on the road? Just Curious...

Not a noticable difference...Cima Coppi
Aug 9, 2001 6:39 AM
In all of my years of using rollers, I personally have not noticed an increase in tire wear on the rollers. Even though there are two contact points on the rear wheel on rollers vs. one on the road, I would not say it makes a difference. Since I got my new bike, I have only been using my old bike on the rollers, so 100% of the tire wear will be from the rollers.

re: Kreitler RollersCliff Oates
Aug 8, 2001 7:23 PM
I have the regular Challenger rollers. I also have a training stand with variable resistance if it's interval training I'm after. The rollers are to work on smoothness and balance. I usually go for an hour on them, and they have done the job they were intended to do. FWIW, I am perspiring profusely and my heart rate is up at the end of that hour.

In terms of quality, they are excellent. Very solid and quiet, and the bearings rotate smoothly and freely. I live in a second floor apartment and my neighbor has not had occasion to complain about noise.

My left wrist is splinted and I can't ride a bike on the roads yet (but at least the cast and the pins that were holding my wrist together are gone), so I have an excuse to ride inside. It's 95 degrees out there, so why are we talking about rollers in July?
re: Kreitler RollersAbadamus
Aug 9, 2001 4:07 AM
A good question... I live in MN (short season), and I am also a medical student and will be starting my surgery rotation lasting 6 weeks soon - long days (up and home in the dark), and so I want something to do when it's too dark to ride. I'll have some time after that, but winter will only be a month away... hence I want my rollers!!! Thanks for your reply.
re: Kreitler RollersCliff Oates
Aug 9, 2001 4:57 AM
Short season aside, you might consider lights too. I resumed riding a couple of years ago when I quit smoking. I also used cycling for weight loss, went riding 6 days a week, and I did a lot of my riding in the fall and winter evenings after work. If I didn't go in so early to the office, I would have preferred to do them in the mornings. I live in Northen California, so obviously my definition of winter is vastly different from yours. I have a Niterider Digital 6 pro that I used as a headlight, and it's more than adequate for fast rides on roads. I have stopped most of the evening rides now, but I was doing some commuting earlier this year, and will resume this when my employer moves its headquarters to a new building closer to my home. That light came in handy once again for commuting.