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cross-training(7 posts)

Aug 8, 2001 5:29 PM
hey i was wondering if i start doing a lil running on the side on the days i dont ride will it help my riding out? cause i might try the track team at school to help out my riding.
re: cross-trainingALLEN phx.
Aug 8, 2001 6:23 PM
I started running about 2 years ago, and that really messed up my knees, all that pounding is terrible... (that's why I started biking). I think running would only help your lungs.

Personally, I wouldn't do it. Your knees are very, very important; and I dont think running would help your biking that much.

Forget the track...Cima Coppi
Aug 8, 2001 7:17 PM
If you want a good "other" sport to suppliment your cycling, sign up for the swim team. Its much better on your body, and its a much better workout than running.

re: cross-trainingLC
Aug 8, 2001 7:20 PM
Swimming is a good workout and is not hard on your joints. In the winter cross country ski or ice skating.
re: cross-trainingralph wiggum
Aug 8, 2001 7:21 PM
Some claim that cross training does you alot of good and will help your riding, but I think those people never ran a mile. My experience tells me that they are VERY different and use the muscles in your legs in different ways. I know, I am joining the Marines when I graduate and running is required. I can ride 80-100 miles but running 5 miles really sucks. Just stick to riding unless you are interested in doing triathlons. My two cents.
roller bladingdinky
Aug 8, 2001 9:05 PM
yeah, I know, bladers are the enemy but have you tried it??? It is pretty wicked. For me, it was a good cross-training activity. Just try not to join the annoying masses that clog our bike paths! :-) Seriously, it really works the upper leg muscles and I found it helpful to my cycling.
re: cross-training--Row!Row!Row!BigDaddySmooth
Aug 9, 2001 5:59 AM
Find a club that has a conceptII rower. I've done the x-c skiing (excellent but what if there is no snow?) and swimming (I swam competitively and the skill of swimming is easier to develop as a child, if you'er above your teens, the learning curve is a long time). Rowing can be a real b-buster. It works the whole body, it's easy to learn and it doesn't wipe you out. In fact, I get a sense of well-being after a workout. Plus, you can enter indoor rowing competitions. Give it a try.