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Newbie! Trek or Dawes??(3 posts)

Newbie! Trek or Dawes??dogboy
Aug 8, 2001 11:18 AM
I want to buy a road bike and don't really know where to start., I've seen the Trek and Dawes ranges at my local bike shop, Can anyone give me some advice about buying my first road bike. I'll be using it to build up my fitness then hopefully race in local meetings. I don't want to spend my money and six months later wish that I'd waited for my next payday to get a better bike.

Many thanks
re: Newbie! Trek or Dawes??drover
Aug 8, 2001 2:09 PM
I think most people would tell you first to make sure you have a chance to test-ride several bikes in your price range to get a feeling for what fits best and what feels right to you. Also usually a good idea to stretch your budget as high as you can, within reason, for the best frame and components you can afford. If you can get something with Shimano 105 or better, you won't feel like your components are hoding you back in group rides or club races. Trek makes good bikes that generally offer good value at each price level. Same with most of the major companies. Don't know much about what Dawes is making these days, but I'd be interested to hear more. I had a Dawes road bike for years and years -- probably about a 1973 model. Great bike -- Reynolds 531, held up for many thousands of miles. Good luck.

re: Newbie! Trek or Dawes??sral
Aug 8, 2001 5:02 PM
I recently just bought a new 2001 Trek 1000, my first road bike. It has Sora components that work great for me. For my use they are fine and i don't have any problems with them. But on the other hand i'm probably not going to do much racing with the lack of cyclists in my area. So if you're going to race the 105 might be better for you. And the Trek alu. frame is great. it's a nice ride and i'm pleased with it. A good entry level bike.