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Increasing Watts(5 posts)

Increasing WattsBC
Aug 7, 2001 4:59 PM
How do you increase the watts you can put out? Through weights, riding, hiils, Please HELP? I want more watts but don't know how to get more.


re: Increasing WattsLC
Aug 7, 2001 7:51 PM
Anything that will push yourself to your lactate threshold, be it long hills or riding at a speed that makes you breath fairly hard, but you need to maintain that effort for 5-10 minutes. As you get stronger you can go longer. Recover at least the same amount of time with easy spinning and then repeat 3 times. Start off only 1 or 2 times a week or you will end up overtraining.
The BibleLazy
Aug 7, 2001 8:18 PM
just happens to be sitting here and this is what it says:

"You can improve power with brief sprints at near maximum exertion followed by long recovery intervals."

--Page 67
Its gonna hurt ...Humma Hah
Aug 7, 2001 8:25 PM
... what made a significant difference for me is VO2-max intervals. See Freil's book.
ride lotsDog
Aug 8, 2001 5:22 AM
Don't know if you are wanting peak power, burst power, or sustained power. In any event, you pretty much have to ride a lot, and ride smart. As said above, read Joe Friel's book - check your LBS (local book store) or Amazon.

Riding long distances will give you more aerobic power and the ability to withstand the more intense training. Riding shorter, faster workouts will give you the ability to ride even faster. Intervals and hills will raise your anaerobic threshold, giving you the ability to ride faster before going into oxygen debt (pain). To make the most of your time, you need to thoroughly understand what's happening in your body and have a plan. Read lots, ride lots.