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The TDF, radios, satellite uplinks, etc..(7 posts)

The TDF, radios, satellite uplinks, etc..Clyde
Aug 7, 2001 10:27 AM
Now that the TDF is over, time for my annual rant. This year, its the UCI. They want to outlaw all bike innovation in design, but allow riders to have two radios talking to their team cars which have satellite uplinks allowing them to watch the television coverage live. If they, the UCI, want to protect the integrity of the sport and keep it pure, do away with radios and tv's and the like. Let the riders figure it out for themselves on the course. This is much worse than having a non-double diamond style frame on a bike. Just IMHO
re: The TDF, radios, satellite uplinks, etc..jaybird
Aug 7, 2001 10:51 AM
Wouldn't it be cool if you could hear the radio conversations though... Anyone remember the "How ya like them apples" comment from 1999? Wish I could have heard it first hand...

I do agree with you though on the double diamond concept though... I would think that the UCI has bigger fish to fry...
re: The TDF, radios, satellite uplinks, etc..Michael Y.
Aug 7, 2001 11:58 AM
Well, I am waiting for Shimano to hook up with Sony to make a Flight Deck compatable LCD TV.

The UCI should concentrate on cleaning the image of drugs and cycling. Maybe give harsher suspensions and fines. They should bring on their own investigators so we do not have to see the Police get involved like they have in recent years.

As for the double diamond frame, if someone can come up with a better design, or a safe frame that will build into a 12 pound bike, let them!!!
2 legs, 2 pedals, 2 wheels, 6 bikes, 120 support crew ...Humma Hah
Aug 7, 2001 12:46 PM
... it does sorta seem to contradict the basic simplicity of the original concept, don't it? Actually, the concept that bugs me the most is having different bikes for different parts of the race. Bust one? Toss it to the mechanic in the van and he'll toss you a fresh one. Better yet, maybe he can lean out of the van and fix it while you ride, giving you a gentle push while at it. Have a 14.5 lb hillclimber for going up, a 55-pound cruiser for coming back down ...

Yet, considering what's on the line for those involved at that lofty level of competition, it is understandable.

Fortunately, you and I can just go out and ride one bike, self-supported, the way it was intended.
Wow, just like NASCAR! They could be on to something. . .JS5280
Aug 7, 2001 4:26 PM
Now Joe Six-Pack can go to the track and listen into the pit crew and directeurs sportif at the SAME TIME.

I can picture it now, the peloton on the inside lane at Daytona, cars whizzing along at 200 mph. Do you think Jeff Gordon would throw his Pepsi can at riders though?
I like radiosDuane Gran
Aug 8, 2001 6:14 AM
I'm happy to be the devils advocate on this one. I actually think radios are pretty useful. Having used them in races (albeit at a much lower level) I have found them very useful. They don't entirely supplant the need for race intuition, but they do enhance communication. I really can't see anything wrong with it.

My understanding is that the UCI makes rules about the design of the bikes in order to further the sport. For example, it may be a "better" design to have a smaller front wheel, however the average joe shouldn't have to carry two sizes of spare tubes. It is very unique in cycling that you and I can go out and purchase essentially the same product which pros use. In addition, we can do it without taking out a mortgage on the home. It is relatively inexpensive, although our family and friends are sure that $2000+ is way too much to spend on a bike.
TV coverage: 3 motorbikes, 3 helicopters, 1 airplane...Bruno S
Aug 8, 2001 10:38 AM
Did you see that segment on OLN? For the TV coverage they had 3 cameras on motorbikes, 3 helicopters that would receive the signal from the bikes and that had cameras as well. The 3 helicopters would send the signal to an airplane flying over them. The airplain sends the signal to an antenna which is at the finish line. There all the TV stations, including OLN, would hook up to get the signal and beam it up to satellites.