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Compact frame sizing, how does it work?(6 posts)

Compact frame sizing, how does it work?berrywise
Aug 6, 2001 8:53 PM
I'm interested in purchasing a Giant OCR 1. I'm a bit confused about the sizing though. I went in to a dealer but didn't recieve much help. The guy just kept pointing me towards the large frame size which from the sound of it, would be my size.

I'm six feet tall and have fairly long legs. Am I to believe that somehow just raising the seat post, people can fit the bike as if it were a 58mm to a 62mm?

Thanks in advance
re: Compact frame sizing, how does it work?Hank
Aug 6, 2001 9:03 PM
focus on tt length and seat tube angle. Yeah, you'd probably fit okay on the Large, but you should definitely take it for a test ride, especially if you aren't comfortable with all the fit formula stuff. I'm 5' 11" and feel that the Medium is a bit too small (seat tube angle is a bit steep for me and the tt is a little short) and the Large is a bit too big for me (seat tube angle is right but the tt is too long). All it really does is remove standover from the equation, but that's not a real factor for a lot of people. Hope that helps.
re: Compact frame sizing, how does it work?climberted
Aug 6, 2001 11:35 PM
unless you've got hella long arms a large will me mucho to big. I think the TCR/OCR tt legnth in a large is 58.something so it's long. I ride a TCR 0 and its a medium. I too have long legs (like a 33.5 inch inseam!) The giants come stock with a #3 seatpost and you SHOULD be a ble to trad it out for a # whaetever you need I happened to need a #4. If they won't trade and try to get you to pay for it tell them to bite you and go somewhere else. The only way this compact frame thing works is if the dealer knows how to fit you and they actually do it. Try the large and the Med and buy the one that fits best
re: Compact frame sizing, how does it work?JG
Aug 7, 2001 10:40 AM
I too am 6 ft tall and ride a medium TCR frame. The large was way too big for me. Either size can be fitted for your leg length, due to the variety of seat posts, but the drops are just too far away for me on the large. The medium fit just right.
re: cheaper for the dealerignazjr
Aug 7, 2001 9:14 AM
For the most part, the real way compact sizing really works is that it's less SKUs to manage for the wholesaler and the dealer. Now major companies need only offer 4 sizes where once there were 6-8 sizes. It's all about money, eh?

Chances are, you could probably fit on a M, L, or XL. Test ride them all and pick the most comfy one. Stems should swap out easy, since most now have removable face plates. Test ride with the correct size stem before making any sort of purchase decisions. To get the correct fit, you'll have to adjust the post and saddle, as well as the stem length. Any reputable shop should be more than happy to swap out the stem.

Compact frames offer some cool advantages to those that fit them well. For others, they offer nothing but a compromised fit.

have you checked Giant sitecyclopathic
Aug 7, 2001 12:44 PM
they have sizing tables, check it out.
Depend on how long your arms are you may wanna go either with medium or large. With different stem/seatpost sizes there's a huge overlap.

Buy it from dealer who would fit it for you swap stem/seatpost at no cost.
Dealers usually match prices so if the cheapest one doesn't wanna do fitting, then go to another one and he will match good luck