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lemond talking down armstrong(4 posts)

lemond talking down armstrongsnowrider123
Aug 6, 2001 8:37 PM
i know that there has been some sort of rivalry between lemond and armstrong in the past (primarily on lemond's end). i found it very upsetting to pick up todays release of sports ill. with lance on the cover and find an side note displaying greg lemonds standpoint on lance's recent accomplishments. i used to look up to greg lemond as a true "america's" champion. he was an inspiration to my riding especially when road racing was dominated by europeans. if you have read the new si, lemond is quoted saying that he did not even watch the tour, and he also basically accused armstrong of doping. i was disappointed to see that my one time idle did not even follow the tour, and now is blaming the most dominant figure in cycling since eddie of being a fraud. i have been following armstrong, and practically every other rider for some time. lance armstrong is the best thing that ever happend to american cycling. he is a true hero. i am not trying to take away form lemonds legendary performances, but he never was what you see in lance armstrong. even eddie stated that he believes armstrong will be the most dominant figure in bicycling for as long as he chooses to be. eddie said he thinks 5-6- even 7 if he wanted. the point is this....

lemond has been a dissapointment to me, and i believe to u.s. cycling. he has even turned his back to events that made him a hero. lemond is a hippocrit. he says he doesn't follow cycling, yet you will see him in ads all the time promoting products. i can understand how he is upset that he is not the most dominant american cyclist, but he should not tear down armstrong. it is a fact that armstrong is the most tested athlete in the world. not once did he fail a drug test. i personally don't think he would ever consider doing so either. i do not know him personally, but i read and see everything.

armstrong is a legend that is riding right now. he is an inspiration to me, americans, cycling, cancer survivors, and many others. take time to appreciate the greatness you can see right now because it will not last forever. the level of dominance and sportmanship that he displays with extrreme modesty is very rewarding. i believe he is one of the best riders to ever stradle a bike...maybee the best.

p.s. greg lemond can kiss my ass for turning his head on cycling and our american champion. lance has respect from everyone but him. i am dissapointed in my one time hero greg lemond.
re: lemond talking down armstrongDINOSAUR
Aug 7, 2001 10:29 AM
With due respect this is an old topic, we have discussed this in length until we were blue in the face. Check the archieves and see if you can find the threads.
who knows, maybe Lance will accuse the next american cyclistMade in Taiwan
Aug 7, 2001 10:05 PM
give it another 10 years, when some other american cyclist win the tour 3 times in a row. by that time, Lance will be long forgotten and accusing the new guy of doping will be his only way to get another 15 minutes of fame
Now that is a ridiculous statement! nmLive Steam
Aug 8, 2001 4:15 AM