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Socks...cotton or wicking type?(8 posts)

Socks...cotton or wicking type?UncleMoe
Aug 6, 2001 3:31 PM
I have to admit, I pretty much just wear regular old cotton socks on my rides. Yesterday was the first day I rode with socks made for cycling. Undecided if the $8 I paid for one pair is worth it.

So I'm curious, do you wear cotton on specialty biking socks?
re: Socks...cotton or wicking type?look271
Aug 6, 2001 3:36 PM
Nope, polyester (or wool) is the way to go. As far as paying $8 for 1 pair, look in mail order places, especially You can get nice Defeet (my favorites) for alot less.
Worth it to the Millionth Power!jtolleson
Aug 6, 2001 3:39 PM
Cotton socks get wet and stay wet, and when wet they stretch, or develop little folds that create pressure points. Synthetics (or blends) will stay snug to the form of your foot, slide against the shoe rather than blistering your tootsies, and will dry faster (and not make your feet as cold).

As for price, I never pay full retail for socks. Your local LBS will have 1/2 price sales on Pearl Izumi a couple times a year, and as folks mentioned, there are some great mail order prospects.
Synthetics, but wool when it's coolPdxMark
Aug 6, 2001 3:44 PM
Synthetics are great for most summer conditions, but I prefer wool when the temperature drops.
Coolmax or Smartwoolscoonass
Aug 6, 2001 4:51 PM
I have become especially fond of Smartwools and the Summer Smartwools are extremely comfortable....even though they are thin, the fiber seems to add that little 'cushion' that is a blessing on long rides.
Smartwools are the only thing to wear in the winter (along with toe covers)
Try Kmart Coolmax...JL
Aug 6, 2001 5:46 PM
Kmart has Coolmax athletic socks for 3.99 for 3 pairs. My feet stay dryer and they never move around in my shoe. They cost a LOT less per pair too :)

Happy riding.

I will never wear cotton socks again!Cartman
Aug 7, 2001 4:39 AM
..Once I weed out my cotton socks and replace them ALL with wool. I started wearing wool cycling socks, and now I'm in the process of changing all my socks to smart wool. Even today with the high temp in the 90's, I'm wearing my smart wool socks under my boots to work. It's the most comfortable sock that I've ever worn, and at the end of the day, my socks are dry and not wet and clammy like cotton. Hurray for smart wool!!
no socksak
Aug 8, 2001 5:40 AM
my shoes fit really nice so in the summer - no socks.
no I don't get blisters, but if I did I'd start wearing socks again. and no, not cotton ones.