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Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateye(10 posts)

Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateyeTriBuddha
Aug 6, 2001 1:45 PM
Looking into getting a new computer with cadence, anyone with experience with either Sigma BC 1400, Cateye Astral, or any other for that matter. Currently using a VDO which is a yr old and very unreliable. In the past everytime it rains the sucker dies, now it goes haywire without any prompting whatsover. Thanks in advance
re: Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateyecyclopathic
Aug 6, 2001 2:09 PM
I have Sigma 1200 and Astral and Cateye seems to work better in rain (esp if you put vaseline around contacts), where Sigma doesn't.

Also you can buy replacement parts/wiring for Cateye in Performance Bikes, not for Sigma

On other hand Sigma supports 2 bikes
re: Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateye650C rider
Aug 6, 2001 2:31 PM
I use sigma BC1400 the candance kit design in my opinion is not good the 2 lead wires that plug into the computer are located in a bad spot and constantly pop off also if you are using over size bars ie deda newton 31.7 the mounting hardware is too small all that holds the mount in place is a plumbing rubber o ring I had to go to home improvement store and picked up some rubber o rings for the mounting strap. in bad down pour water does get inside and fogs it dries out though in a couple of days. Overall happy with the sigma small light easy to read and use.

Good luck
Ray Still
Sigma parts/accessories are available at branfordbike.comboy nigel
Aug 7, 2001 8:45 AM
I use a Sigma BC800 wireless unit, and have no troubles with it at all. It doesn't have the cadence feature, but I just figured I'd mention that it's a very efficient computer.

Branford Bike carries a full line of spare parts and accessories for Sigma Sport computers. They're great with orders, too. The main guy over there, Tim Brockett, is quite nice and knowledgeable, too. Their site has FAQ sections on clothing fit and care, computers, heart rate monitors and usage, rollers/trainers, etc. VERY helpful. Branford Bike's product descriptions are far more comprehensive than ANYONE else's--online or in a catalog. Nice to see that they take their time and give people what they want. Check 'em out.

re: Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateyeChen2
Aug 6, 2001 2:30 PM
I like the Cateye but have no experience with the Sigma. A good trick is instead of strapping the magnet to the crank arm as the instructions say, just glue a small round magnet to the end of the pedal spindle and line up the pick-up with the magnet. This makes a much cleaner installation and your crank arm won't suffer from all the crude that gets caught under the cable tie. I use a spoke magnet and grind the back side down flat.
On the Sigma 1400...Only300
Aug 6, 2001 2:41 PM
I have a Sigma 1400 with the cadence kit. I think it is about the same price overall (computer + cadence kit) as the Astrale. I have dropped my Sigma on pavement from about 6 feet and it still works with out any flaws. Sometimes the connectors come loose when adjusting the tilt of the display but if the computer doesnt move, neither will the connectors. I would just recommend having your LBS install it because unless you are very familiar with computers and installing them; it can take a while to understand the instructions and install in neatly and properly.

Good luck!
Cat Eye is iffywink
Aug 6, 2001 6:44 PM
I have a Cat Eye with cadence. The magnet/sensor on the back wheel is so quirky. You have to have it just right in order to pick up wheel rpms. Sometimes drives me crazy. A couple of weeks ago I hitt a bump about 3 miles into a century and lost my speed/mileage/average etc. kept the cadence however. But it was a bummers. The bike guys at the shop just shrug when I ask them about it. Maybe I have a lemon!
Cat EyeChen2
Aug 6, 2001 7:37 PM
Sounds as if you need to tighten the pick-up to the chain stay. The kit includes some plastic shims for this purpose.
re: Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateyeslanham
Aug 6, 2001 8:26 PM
I have had good luck with the Astrale. I've had two of them and no problems.
re: Cadence/Bike Computer - sigma or cateyeblw
Aug 7, 2001 8:28 AM
I have had excellent results with VETTA computers. I have used my current computer for about 4 years and it has worked flawlessly. One tip-- I seperate the wires and re-route the speed sensor to the front wheel. It makes wheel changes much easier.