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cycling in the big city(3 posts)

cycling in the big cityFred(notFred)
Aug 6, 2001 10:48 AM
Interesting story about navigating traffic hell in NYC. Note the 37 yo bike messenger quoted, riding with his 6-month old daughter strapped to his chest.

And I thought I was reckless.
I can see it nowET
Aug 7, 2001 7:42 AM
A patrolman handing out traffic violations at the foot of the Manhattan bridge to a Doug Sloan Clone (DSC) who is making the illegal manouver on hisbike that just happens to be the very one recommended by the N.Y. Department of Transportation itself. As a lawyer cyclist, DSC gladly admits guilt, but the pure lawyer part of him decides to fight based on the D.O.T. recommendation supporting him. But a clever DSC (a different one, the city's lawyer) argues against him, brilliantly explaining in legalese why the D.O.T. recommmendation is irrelevant and does not supercede the law, and yet another clever DSC (this time the judge) rules in that DSC's favor against original DSC. Original DSC heartfully thanks all the other DSCs for their legal brilliance, and even suggests the N.Y.P.D. keep someone at the foot of the bridge full-time, not only to generate much-needed funds for our finest in blue, but also to nail those law-breaking cyclists and encouraging them to risk their lives by ignoring the D.O.T. recommendation and take their chances (which are slim) on the road and uphold the law. After all, it's the law. :-) :-)

Thanks for the interesting link.
can we get a print out?ak
Aug 8, 2001 6:47 AM
since I don't subscribe to the NYTimes (and don't think I should as I am in arkansas right now) think you could cut and paste that into the message board?