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Can you laugh at yourself?(30 posts)

Can you laugh at yourself?Len J
Aug 6, 2001 10:22 AM
This is probably an old thread, but I thought I'd resurrect it after my experience on Saturday.

I was halfway thru a solo century training ride and was waiting for shore traffic to abate so I could cross a major road. When the traqffic parted, I clipped in & jammed on the pedals only to have my rear skewer release. This caused my rear wheel to become jammed against my seattube and stopped my bike like some giant had grabbed my bike. Needless to say I went right down. Now I am lying in the middle of a three lane in each direction road full of beach traffic laughing at myself so hard I can't get up. I'm sure at this point I was the only one laughing. And just when I was feeling good about how hard I was riding. Pride goes before the fall.

Share your most embarrassing moment on a bike.
re: Can you laugh at yourself?UncleMoe
Aug 6, 2001 10:34 AM
A few similar to yours...

First time on a mountain bike and riding on a singletrack trail thru the woods. Came across a stump about 3 inches high. Figured I could just roll over it. Hit it with too much weight out front and the bike stopped, I flew forward and coughed up a luggie.

Third ride in clipless pedals, going down a single track mtb trail. Hit a little divot while out of the saddle, did an endo and busted my wrist. Ever break a bone. It didn't hurt that much, but I knew it was busted because I've heard you feel like throwing up. I thought I was going to puke while laughing at myself at the same time.

LAst but not least, walking my bike over a wooden bridge with no rails. I was looking across to the other side instead of looking where my feet were. One of the plansk was busted on the side, so I put my foot where nothing was. Feel about 6 feet into the river belwo, bike and all. Just as I landed and got up, a dad and his 8 year old daughter come cruising along with me laying in the river with my bike on top of me. Laughingly, I warned them to look out for the little elf that pushed me off the bridge.

Good topic!
There I was about 15 miles into a 28-mile fun-run ...Humma Hah
Aug 6, 2001 10:36 AM
... surrounded by roadies, waiting for a light to change (OK, I know that's not normally realistic, but the hot-shoe riders who run traffic signals were on the 50-miler).

So the light turns green, and I don't want these good folks to think I'm a wimp or something, never mind I'm riding the cruiser. So I stand on the right pedal and push down with all my might, and the 20-year-old chain lets go and I go down in a big heap.

I don't remember laughing very much. I do remember telling them I was fine, telling them to ride on, and wishing they were all miles away and nobody had seen that horrendous Laugh-In fall-over.
re: Can you laugh at yourself?davidl
Aug 6, 2001 11:04 AM
This was early this year, right after I got the bike I ride now. I had never before ridden with clipless pedals. The bike came with Wellgo r4's. I read the instructions, put on the cleats and practiced exiting several times. No problem except disengaging was real hard to do. So I take off - clipped in securely - on the easiest release setting. I only rode 5 or 6 miles - I never had to disengage the pedals. Still no problem - great ride. Turned into my driveway and slowed to stop. As I lost all momentum I realized I needed a foot loosed to stop upright. I couldn't get my foot out - period. As the bike - now stopped - slowly listed to port with both feet locked in a vise, I thought: 1. "try to roll when you land [ridiculous - I'm attached to a bike]; 2. "don't put your wrist dowm to catch yourself - you'll break it like 20 yrs. ago when you fell in the rain"; 3. "I hope to God the people across the street aren't watching this". I landed smack on my side - unhurt - still hooked in to the bike. I finally got my feet loose. I felt really stupid - like a character in a 'Laugh-In' or 'Monty Python' skit - and looked it, too. ...and that's how I got my Look 206 pedals.
Aug 6, 2001 11:07 AM
Recently exhausted and at the end of some tough single track, I tried to rollover an easy 8"(?) log. Too much weight on the front caused my bike to suddenly shoot backward while ejecting me forward over the bar. My face landed on top of the log..ouch! 5 sutures over my eye, 4 xrays, and a very black eye. Okay now, but most embarrasing!

re: Can you laugh at yourself?jtolleson
Aug 6, 2001 11:07 AM
Had my left ankle fused about 3 years ago after a big crash (long story). But balance has its crappy moments.

I was waiting in the far right lane to get on the bike and start rolling as soon as the light changed. Light changed, I took one step forward with my left foot, and swung the right leg over the seat. Somehow enough off balance, I just tipped over (collapse) with the bike between my legs, right there in the right turn lane.

Can you say, "crawl under a rock?"
One of many...cory
Aug 6, 2001 11:08 AM
Got out of the Army and went back to college, from which I'd flunked out three years before. I was 23, older than the "traditional" students, and that was a big deal in those days. So I get my fine French racing bicycle (steel rims, cottered cranks, $105 out the door), and of course I put on toe clips, which not everybody had but I was way cool.
About the second day I had it, I went curving across the quad at high speed, in full view of maybe 1,000 people between classes, pedalling for all I was worth. I laid it over for a turn, but I was so newbie I didn't know enough to put the outside pedal down. The inside one came around, hit the concrete, lifted the back wheel off the pavement and I did a huge over-the-high-side crash, scattering books and crap everywhere. No real damage, but the bars were twisted 90 degrees, so I couldn't even bounce up and ride away. I had to straddle the front wheel and yank on them until I could get them straight.
NyahNyah! That was so funny. I'm sorry. (nm)jba
Aug 6, 2001 11:38 AM
Aug 6, 2001 1:26 PM
Same bike scenerio but I didn't crash!!!. A witness said "your lucky"!
If your feet get above your head...mr_spin
Aug 6, 2001 11:59 AM
...then you have to laugh.

I was mountain biking at Wilder Ranch with some friends. I went over a log, but was too far forward, the drop was deeper than I expected, and I didn't have enough speed to recover. I rotated over for a soft landing on decaying redwood dust. No harm done, except one of my buddies couldnt stop laughing about how my feet got over my head. I guess that does look kind of funny.

Later, that same buddy and I were mountain biking on Porcupine Rim in Moab, flying through a long section of river rock. I should say flying over, since we were barely on the edge of control, planing the rocks like a boat on a lake. We pass by a couple of guys sitting on the edge of the trail, who stare at us, open mouthed, in total amazement. They figure we are expert riders, we know what we are doing, and we know how to ride this stuff. So they jump on their bikes and try to keep up.

It comes to an end at sort of a cliff, where there is section of deep steps, some a foot high. Down we go. Drop, forward, drop, forward, drop, etc. With each drop, I'm losing speed, and the situation is such that I can't really pedal to get more. So far on this ride, it's all worked out, but not this time. After about eight drops, forward movement stops, and the bike just hangs there in a nose wheelie. Time slows to a crawl. Of course I know what's going to happen, and sure enough, I rotate over, and having had the good sense to click out, separate from my bike and hit the trail. The bike lands partially on top of me, but I'm otherwise unhurt.

Immediately, I jump up, and the guys who were following us were stopped at the top, again open mouthed and in total amazement. The crash probably looked pretty bad from where they were. I looked up and asked "Did my feet get over my head?" They looked at me, then at each other, then back at me. "Did my feet get over my head?" I asked again. "Uh, I think so" one finally said, still kind of stunned. I shouted "Yes!" and did an arm pump in celebration. My buddy was at the bottom, but he had fallen off his bike laughing. I was laughing pretty hard, too. The guys just stood and stared. We got on our bikes and took off again.

That's now the rule. If your feet get over your head, you have to laugh. Every time one of us crashes, we always jump up and immediately ask "did my feet get over my head?" to whoever is around.

Those guys are probably still talking about the two crazy fools who probably died on Porcupine Rim. Needless to say, they didn't continue to follow us.
Aug 6, 2001 12:00 PM
in a very smal campus I'm know as the bike guru. I've worked in a shop for a long time before college and during summers while enrolled. I've got shop set-up in my room every weekend with a few bikes stashed here and there waiting to be fixed. I've got over 10k in bikes in the room (mine & roomates) more bike pin-ups than most shops, and more fotos of bikes than of girlfriends, parents, pets and siblings combined. so I was screwing around one day last spring while waiting for a band to show up. I had my mtn bike out and was working on some trials-type stuff on the stage in the middle of the quad. About as show-offy as you can get, right. Well the band showed up and so did a bunch of the other people in my club who were helping set up. (I'm also the CEO-type person for the club) so I decide to do one or two more moves (big endo->wheely thing that looks cool and is really easy) and then dismount and start unloading the truck. Well the stage is 2.5 feet up from the soft grassy quad and I didn't exactly pull-up when I was riding off the end of it. So I guess God used that to remind me of a little thing called humility because I sure humble after picking myself up off the ground that I had just planted my face in. luckily I didn't taco my front wheel.
I laughed after this one.Thioderek
Aug 6, 2001 12:09 PM
I was messengering in SoCal back in '92. I was flying through the tail end of a green light turning onto another street. I was doing probably 20-25. I was flying towards the next intersection timing the change of the light with my arrival in the intersection. The light turned green as I hit the intersection.

I was in the middle of the intersection when a car came out of nowhere from an underground parking garage trying to catch the yellow light that had long since disappeared. The car slammed on its brakes in the middle of the intersection. I had no time to react and literally ditched my bike from under me and headed straight for the hood and windshield of the car. The car in the process of slamming on its brakes had dipped its nose way down making the rear end fly way up. When I finally came to a stop on the hood of the car, as the rear settled back down it catapulted me into the air (witnesses say over 10 feet) and I came crashing down on the windshield. I literally rolled off the hood of the car onto my feet and just stood there staring at the driver.

My friends called me RoboRider after this one.

I also got a new bike from the insurance company of the driver-actually a check to buy a new one.
me too!
Aug 6, 2001 12:22 PM
A lesson in physics makes me think something smells fishy here. Not gonna say you're lying, just manipulating the details of a story to make yourself look cool. I'm glad you wern't badly hurt though.
Is it so hard to believe?Thioderek
Aug 6, 2001 12:53 PM
I dont understand this type of response.

I was riding a Sanino SLX at the time.

It was damaged somewhat during the whole ordeal

I had an abrasion on my knee after the accident.

I actually stood there and yelled out "B*tch" while in the street.

The witnesses are the ones who stood up for my version of the story to the insurance company.

I am at a loss for anymore details.

It happened exactly as I said.

It was pretty cool.

Is it so hard to believe that you can get hit without getting hurt.
Aug 6, 2001 1:12 PM
I think its the ten feet thing that did it for me. Its not hard to believe you canget hit and not hurt, I've done it (almost) and I'm glad you got lucky and weren't hurt. If I'm wrong and you did fly up ten feet, then I'm wrong. You are the only one who was there who would know, but it is hard for me to believe. Sorry if I'm wrong.
You're having a rough day todaymike mcmahon
Aug 6, 2001 1:35 PM
First, someone dismisses your claim you rode 105 miles in 4:45. Now, someone is telling you that your fall didn't happen the way you claim. Maybe you should mount a video camera with a time function to your handlebar and use the tape to rebut the Doubting Thomases out there. ;-)
Aug 6, 2001 5:30 PM
I've been hit by several cars, and hit 2 while riding and have never had worse than a few scratches and some fairly decent air time. funniest thing I ever did was buy a set of clipless pedals and shoes, set them up in the shop and than take a ride over to the coffee shop to show off. learned that you can't come to a dead stop and than unclip without sufficent practice. Proceeded to fail in my suddenly improvised track stand and toppled over in front of everybody. TTFN
I laughed after this one.Ti
Aug 6, 2001 1:24 PM
I'm also confused by the responses???

I once jumped a large rut in the trail (mtn story but there is some consistency with yours) and my rear wheel hit the far edge of the rut. My bike actually stopped and did some tricks of its own and I did a complete flip. I landed on my feet but the forward momentum caused me to fall forward. Anyway, a complete flip and I landed on my feet.

no witnesses and no insurance claims here.
Stuck the landing? 9.9Dog
Aug 8, 2001 5:27 AM
I'd give you a 10, but you bobbled forward.

International bloopers...Elena
Aug 6, 2001 12:42 PM
I have two....
I was lucky to spend the first 6 months of this year in a mountainous area of Tuscany, which happened to be my first 6 months with a road bike and with clipless pedals.

First... on my way back from an 80-km ride, I took a wrong turn and ended up heading over a nice mountain pass to get back to town. It was embarassing enough huffing and puffing at 6km/hr, past people who were out in their yards. Finally I had to stop climbing and rest. After a few minutes I got up to leave, threw my leg up over the bike, clipped in my right foot, pushed down in order to clip in my left foot, realized too late that my velocity had returned to ZERO and was in fact about to go negative, and fell over. I first checked to see if anyone saw me and then decided to rest a few more minutes.

One week later, I went out for a metric century. At the halfway point, I looked down for a split second, and ran off the road. Instinct forced me to try to get back on the road even though there was a 4-inch step up. I chewed up the rims on both tires and cut the front tire in 3 places before I went into the slide. As I was trying to regain my composure, a group of 8 guys stopped to help me. EIGHT. One of them very kindly took me to his house where he put an old tire on my bike and gave me a spare innertube while his wife disinfected my road rash. Every time I saw them on the road after that, they said "hey, Armstrong, how's it going?"

(I won't mention the time I fell last year, trying to take a picture while still on the bike. I hit the brake with my left hand instead of hitting the zoom button with my right hand.)

Cool topic!
Two couples bought mtbs, went for a weekend in the country.bill
Aug 6, 2001 1:28 PM
None of us heavily into cycling at the time, but we wanted to go for some miles. Stayed at a nice B&B. Had a big breakfast, french toast, bacon, hash browns, etc., etc.
Our little trip happened to coincide with some sort of a fairly large sponsored charity ride; there were hundreds of cyclists of all description around.
Morning. Beautiful day. Out in the Blue Ridge Mts. Gorgeous scenery.
I went screaming up this hill, feeling great. Passing all sorts of people. Way ahead of my friends.
Then, I started feeling not so good. I went from feeling green to looking green. Pulled over.
Started to barf. Barfed some more (biiig breakfast).
Okay, remember that there are hundreds of cyclists around, with lots of support for this charity ride I am not part of, but they don't know that. So now there's like fifty people standing around asking me if I'm okay, do I need SAG, should we call an ambulance. Yes, yes, I'm okay. So, why are you still barfing?
My friends, curious about the roadside attraction, stop. See it's me. My friend's girlfriend, now his wife, exhibited appropriate concern. My friend laughed his ass off. My girlfriend, now my wife, had passed, and she received the word that I was downhill somewhere, barfing. She didn't know whether to laugh or be concerned. So she did both.
After all the french toast was gone, I drank some water and moved on.
That was ten years ago, and I still hear about it.
What? No track stand stories?Mel Erickson
Aug 6, 2001 1:49 PM
I was doing a track stand in the middle through lane at a stop light. Cars piling up in the right lane making right hand turns. Two cars in front and several in back in my lane. 4-5 cars in the left turn lane. Surrounded by cars and giving my best track stand demo and feeling pretty cool. Toe overlap kills you when you least expect it. Just clipped my right toe and down I go faster than a shot. Just then the light changes and I'm scrambling to mount and get going. I didn't even glance at any of the cars. Just put my head down and motored. I can imagine the grins on the drivers faces, though.
re: Can you laugh at yourself?rodemiles
Aug 6, 2001 6:22 PM
I'd been riding Time pedals for quite some time and finally broke down and bought the Time Equipe shoes to go with them. I put the cleats on one night and didn't get a chance to test them out. I commuted home from work every day then, so the next day I took off from the office and headed out. You guessed it: cleats on the wrong shoes. I came to the first light and couldn't get my feet out, so I toppled over. I still couldn't get my shoes out of the pedals, so I had to take the shoes off, leaving them on the pedals while I walked back to the office to call my wife to pick me up. I still hear about it occasionally.
Only later...MeDotOrg
Aug 6, 2001 7:04 PM
Riding down a crowded San Francisco street. A car door opens in front of me. I swerve to avoid the door, and make it, just barely. Now I'm mad. I turn around to yell at the driver, yell "WATCH IT!", proceed to lose my balance and fall.
re: Can you laugh at yourself?Mike K
Aug 6, 2001 8:25 PM
While trying to get my girlfriend into riding her mountain bike on anything more challenging rails to trails, I decided to allay her fears of going over small obstacles on real trails.
I take her to a very newbie friendly section of local single track and proceed to set up a demonstration in clearing a 5 or 6" log.
While she's watching I show her how to approach the obstacle and how to transition weight on the bike to start clearing the log with the front wheel. Of course in an effort to show how much "control" I have over the situation I am explaining everything to her while keeping eye contact and not looking at the log in question. I could actually see her eyes widen as I spoke to her and rolled toward the log, which I guess slipped my mind in the moment of my instructing glory. By the time I see alarm in her eyes and remember the log I'm about an inch away - needless to say, I'm off balance and my front wheel simply stops when it hits the log.
Unfortunately the back end of the bike keeps moving, sometimes you really hate physics.
It was one of those slow, agonizing, enough time to get the "oh $hit" out before you actually hit the ground after flipping over the bars falls. But being the proud type I gather myself up and instantly go into a diatribe on how to fall properly. I don't think she got much of the lesson on falling, I think she almost fell over laughing at me. I still hear about it too...
re: Can you laugh at yourself?ken vining
Aug 7, 2001 8:48 AM
First time in clipless pedals and I thought I was cool. Me and the wife stopped at a stop sign, her slightly behind me. Right foot clipped, left foot on the ground, traffic all around. Wife says something so I turn and look over my left shoulder to better hear her. Bike leans right as I turn, can't unclip, and fall infront "a bunch" of people. Laughed so hard I could hardly get up.
Another time, me and the wife just finished a ride. She pulls into the driveway and just falls over. It's dusk and all our neighbors are outside talking. I started laughing my xxx off at her. The neighbors didn't think it was at all funny that I laughed instead of rushing to help her. Intuitively, I knew she was ok but sure got some dirty looks from the neighbors.
Newbie endoverSlappyD
Aug 7, 2001 9:04 AM
6:30am. For some insane reason, I'm on Beverly Blvd. west of Vine in Los Angeles. Four lanes of morning traffic doing 50mph in a 35mph zone. The pavement by the right shoulder looks like the surface of the moon. But hey, I survive that.

The intersection at La Brea. Light's red. Coasting slowly up the right hand side past the stopped cars, approaching the corner. Suddenly, WHAM! On my back in the street, bike above me, head on the sewer grate, trying not to scrape the paint of the car next to me, wondering if anybody's (a) worried enough to ask if I'm OK or (b) having a good laugh. (It'd be a shame to waste a stunt like that. Somebody should have a giggle.)

If I'm to believe an earlier post somewhere in this section, I can sue the city for failing to make the storm drains safe for cyclists. In the meantime, remember: Storm Drains Suck.
re: Can you laugh at yourself?Kristin
Aug 7, 2001 12:30 PM
I was worried about being hydrated enough on my first club ride--22 miles seemed insurmountable at the time. So I drank at least 40 ounces at work and had another 20 on the way to the ride. 25-30 ounces would have been typical. About 18 miles into the ride I was ready to burst. My friend kindly agreed to stop while I ran into the bushes. Of course, three riders slow up as I get off my bike and ask if everythings okay. "We're fine," I answer sheepishly, then duck into the underbrush (in the middle of suburban Chicagoland). I emerge relieved and we continue on. A couple miles down the road, my butt really starts iching. I must have had 10 burs in my shorts/jacket/jersey. I was finding burs in the strangest places for weeks. After a hearty discussion on this here board, about the importance of being able to unweight to either side of a bicycle, I decided to practice. (I was 1 month new to riding at the time.) Arriving at a busy intersection, I clip-out left, then right. With both feet planted firmly on the ground, I clip my left foot in and immediately lean to my left. Bam!! As I lay there laughing, I decided to accept my limitations.
Don't do wheelies while clipped tornado head
Aug 7, 2001 5:19 PM
My first century, wife decided to ride the first 20 miles with me(She's not as much of a biker as I). I get up this hill and while waitng for my wife decide to pull a wheelie.

Well, let's say I was relativley new with clipless pedals. The bike started going up, up... and over. Just could not get my feet under me. Landed just above and to the right of my tailbone. Boy did that hurt. I howled like a wounded moose being put in a blender. My wife came huffing up the hill tring to see what stupid thing I did now. After about 10 minutes I was OK to ride, but not to walk! We rode a few more miles up the road to a coffee shop, sat and talked for a few minutes.

The wheelie was at mile 9. I still managed to finish the century. As long as I was on the bike I was OK... walking however...
amazing! I did the exact same thing at big bear (really!) nmak
Aug 8, 2001 5:48 AM