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Nutrition on long rides(2 posts)

Nutrition on long ridesjjay
Aug 6, 2001 9:32 AM
I am training for the Logan to Jackson road race and need to do some 100+ mile training rides. What foods work best to keep from hitting the wall on long rides, and are easy to eat while on the bike? I've been using Power Bars and Cytomax.
re: Nutrition on long ridesPdxMark
Aug 6, 2001 12:42 PM
Both are fine - mainly you'll want non-sugar carbohydrates - pasta-tybe carbs... which cytomax & powerbars both have...

the big issue is taking-in enough calories. For your century days, "carbo-loading" (lots of pasta or rice-type foods 2-3 days before the ride) can help you maximize your glycogen stores (up to aroud 1500 calories worth). As an example, for my weight (165#), a ride at about 18-20 mph can burn 700-900 calories an hour. So for an extended ride, you really need to be eating from the start. Also, during the first hour after a long ride, your body is particularly efficient about replenishing your glycogen... so that's when it is best to eat after a ride (adding protein to help with muscle repair).

There is lots more, based on various artivcles & books I've read, but this is a very quick overview... I'm just a nutrition-interested raodie, actual trained people can elobarate (or correct).