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Specialized Allez Elite vs Giant TCR-2(4 posts)

Specialized Allez Elite vs Giant TCR-2Daverino
Aug 6, 2001 7:38 AM
I'm looking for a starter road bike. I've been riding on a Gary Fisher hybrid for a couple of years but have decided to get a little more serious about biking. I bike only for excercise and usually enjoy longer, but more moderate paced rides (40-60 miles). I'd been looking at the Allez for a while, but the guy at the shop I go to pointed out the TCR-2 and said it'd make a great bike for me also. I've read over the reviews here of both the bikes, they both seem very popular with their owners and both have similar parts setups. Does anyone have opinions on either (or both) of these bikes? How suitable are these bikes for a real novice?

go with the fitcyclopathic
Aug 6, 2001 8:10 AM
go with bike which fits you better (also go with shop which would fit bike for you, swap stems etc)

Giant is probably a better deal, a bit lighter plus you get carbon seatpost which takes some road shock off Al frame good luck
Decisions, decisions!boy nigel
Aug 6, 2001 8:30 AM
Being a very happy TCR2 owner (you likely read my review), I'd recommend it. However, I'd suggest a few decision-makers to help you:

1) Which one fits better? Is there a difference? One may require a shorter stem than the other (a longer top tube may necessitate this). Have you test-ridden either or both? Definitely test-ride both (preferably back to back) if you're considering them. Take them out for a good little ride. Try them in the hills (if possible), on a descent for handling and confidence, and even over some slightly bumpy pavement to see which feels better over the rough stuff.

2) Which one do you like the looks of better? They're both quite sharp and racy looking. Which color scheme does it for you?

3) The 2001 Allez A1 Elite has Ultegra components, one group up from the TCR2's 105 group (which has worked flawlessly for me over six months for me so far). Do you want the better group? Are you looking at last year's model, maybe? The A1 Elite also gives you a triple crank setup; do you feel you'll need one? How often were you in your little ring--out of necessity--on your hybrid? This could do it right there. If you need a triple, the Specialized comes with it; upgrading the TCR2 would cost.

Good luck, and enjoy the buying experience. :)

I'd get the Giantsidey
Aug 6, 2001 9:14 AM
My first road bike was a 99 Allez Sport. It was fine but since then, I have really come to admire the Giant. There is a lot of value in their entry level bikes and they just feel more solid to me. But as stated above, fit and comfort should determine your final choice.