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IT Band!!!!!! Help!!!!!(7 posts)

IT Band!!!!!! Help!!!!!DENNIS S KEYES
Aug 6, 2001 7:18 AM
I was in the about the 80th mile of this years NY to Boston AIDSRIDE(Day 3) when my knee started to ache in the back and outside of my knee.I stopped,stretched,ibuprofen, and put a knee barce on.All was well for about another 24 miles when rather qiuckly I felt the muscles around my knee begin to "choke" my knee area.PAIN ensued.I managed to pedal in the last mile on one wing and do the last days 50 miles pretty much on one leg.Then I rested and got some massage,The pain went away and I resumed my RUNNING.No problems.2 weeks later,yesterday,I finally got back on the bike for a 50 miler.I felt great for about 2 miles but AGAIN,rather quickly the pain came back.I cancelled the rest of the ride but am quite anxious to get some suggestions and experiences from others.Thanks a bunch.
IT band stretchesAlexR
Aug 6, 2001 7:43 AM
IT band pain will be on the outside of the knee, and will feel just like you'd imagine IT "band" pain to feel - like a stressed and damaged band creaking against the knee joint.

I have had great success in eliminating this pain by doing preventative stretches EVERY DAY. See for IT Band specific stretches. Interestingly, you will feel the stretch on the outside of your hip.

that suckscyclopathic
Aug 6, 2001 7:45 AM
I have a friend who got a surgery a couple mo on his ITB.

check this, good luck
re: IT Band!!!!!! Help!!!!!Hank
Aug 6, 2001 8:10 AM
try this book:

totally new approach to stretching (they do one muscle at a time with ten 2 second holds--no hold and burn). The daily stretching regime they prescribe stopped me knee problems, which were very similar to yours, and now I'm much more flexible and less prone to injury. Good luck.
Here's how I overcame ITBS ealier this year.Steve Davis
Aug 6, 2001 8:25 AM
I had the same symptoms earlier this year and this is what I did:

1. lowered my seat 1/4 inch

2. Increased the q-factor by adjusting my cleats so that my feet are farther apart (also slightly "ducked" with the toes out a bit more).

3. stretching, stretching, stretching... see above posts

4. Motrin and ice

Yesterday I finished a 300 mile ride accross Massachusetts (started Friday in West Stockbridge and joined the Pan Mass Challenge on Saturday and Sunday) and I experienced no ITB pain.

Good luck!

not your IT bandak
Aug 6, 2001 8:34 AM
your problem most likely has nothing to do with your IT band. The IT is used a whole lot more in running than in cycling (when I tore mine a few years ago I was able to ride all day, but I couldn't run or even walk up stairs (this was before the school made me see a a doctor about it) IT-Band syndrome is a whole lot more common in running than cycling. Ask any runner who's been competitive (USATF ranked)for more than ten years and I bet at least 4 out of five have had bouts with IT band syndrome. Since you said you canrun fine, just not bike..I'd bet you've done damage to something other than your IT.
SEE A DOCTOR! one who specializes in orthopedic sports medicine. I didn't see one right away and I ended up tearing a muscle trying to "tough it out" and get back into my training. Six months later I could run again, but I havn't been close to a PR since. If you've had re-occouring pain in a major joint that made it impossible to ride you need to see a doctor and do as little as possible between now and then. (NO RUNNING, NO RIDING, don't spend the day at an amusement park walking around, take the elevator at work walk up any stairs cautiously and use the hand-rail, get off the computer message board and see a doctor before you screw yourself even worse, do exactly what the doctor says, take as much time off as he/she says and come back as slow as he/she says. (Ask them how many weeks it should take to be back to full training: for me, it was six weeks from the time I could run one step to the time I could run 50+ miles/week and two more before I was allowed to run faster than 15 mph. The term "take it slow for a while" isn't good, because for you it means two weeks, for them it might mean eight.) Sorry for the lecture, but I don't want you or anyone else to think that an injury like what you are describing will just go away by itself in a week if they just ignore the pain. I hope you get better soon.
This site helped me ...Humma Hah
Aug 6, 2001 9:15 AM

I did the exercise depicted in this site for several months, and gave the knee time to heal by riding shorter rides.

In my case, the pain was like a taut string being plucked on each downstroke. I lost the ability to stand-climb about 70 miles into a century, with the pain starting about 10 miles earlier. Driving my truck back to the motel, with a clutch, was excruciating. Several subsequent rides caused the pain to recur at about 45-50 miles, but shorter rides gave NO problem.