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Doesn't get any better than this(8 posts)

Doesn't get any better than thisDog
Aug 6, 2001 7:18 AM
This weekend I went to a wedding at Pebble Beach, near Carmel/Monterey, California. My wife and I went over Friday afternoon, and came back Sunday afternoon.

Saturday morning I went for a ride down Highway 1 south of Carmel toward Big Sur. Wonderful ride. We shopped around all Saturday at the little stores in Carmel, took a nap on the beach, and then went to the wedding.

The wedding was on the lawn near the 18th hole at Pebble Beach. If you are not familiar with Pebble Beach, imagine a golf course along the ocean, where nearly every square inch is perfectly manicured, the surroundings are lush, flowers abound, and with a climate of 60-70 degrees nearly every day. I'm not a golfer, but anyone would have to appreciate the nearly aesthetic perfection of this place.

After the wedding, we walked down a path to the reception at the Beach Club at Pebble Beach. Another beautiful place, overlooking the ocean, with a stunning sunset that night viewed through floor to ceiling windows, no clouds. Halfway through a wonderful salmon dinner (and after several glasses of wine), I was reflecting upon the near perfection of the moment, and in fact the entire day. There we were among many friends, all celebrating the union of two young people, everyone in the most festive of moods. Purely wonderful.

Yet, among all these wonderful pleasures, the one that stood out foremost for me was the memory of my morning ride. I'd started at 6:30 and rode south on the nearly traffic-free Highway 1, sun rising, 60 degrees, slight clouds hanging over the mountain tops and the ocean, hearing the waves crash against the shore, and being pushed by a 15 mph tailwind over the rolling hills. I could have kept going infinitely, it seemed. Everything perfect. Doing exactly what I wanted to do - died and gone to heaven.

Despite all the luxurious pleasures of the evening, those hours of spinning down Highway 1 overwhelmed me with feelings of near bliss, near perfection of existence.

Seek out those moments. Memories of a lifetime. Isn't riding great?

Beautiful areaJ.S.
Aug 6, 2001 7:25 AM
My gal and I stayed in Carmel Valley a few years ago during the Sea Otter, did a road ride out of the valley and down Hwy 1, stands out as one of the nicest rides I've done, too bad I was racing the next day because I couldn't ride as long as I wanted.
while you were on the bluffsscotty
Aug 6, 2001 7:29 AM
didja hear the sound a lone bagpiper amidst the fog?
So cool!Steeeve
Aug 6, 2001 7:29 AM
Sounds excellent! As often as possible when travelling to different towns or places I'll bring my bike just to experience what you did. I live on the coast in Florida, sunrises over the Atlantic.
Your discription was cool. I would love to do that ride someday!
Doug, you shoulda looked me up.railer
Aug 6, 2001 7:48 AM
Those are my stomping grounds. Hang out all the time right there on Carmel beach where it meets up with what I think is the 5th hole. I love it. Sounds like you were over by Stillwater Cove near the 18th.

Were (3 or 4 of us) planning a century for Sept sometime (gotta let my broken leg recuperate) and we cant decide on which route. THere are MANY. South and back on highway 1 is on the list though. Lots of great riding around and awesome climbs. Drop me a line if you come back.
re: Doesn't get any better than thisMeDotOrg
Aug 6, 2001 7:50 AM
Carmel to San Luis Obispo has to be one of the most spectacular stretches of Highway 1. Beautiful ride - glad you enjoyed it.
Which bike?nova
Aug 6, 2001 9:04 AM
Just want to get a complete mental picture...
Which bike?Dog
Aug 6, 2001 9:20 AM
Colnago C40, Ksyrium wheels, aerobars

Also rode from Los Banos home on the way back. Just had my wife drop me off.