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What/Who to believe?(4 posts)

What/Who to believe?Aztecs
Aug 6, 2001 6:34 AM
I am looking at buying my first road bike. I have visited quite a few LBSs. One thing stands out from the sales people: Whatever model you want to buy, they always try to get you to buy the next model up. Here is my situtation maybe some of you can help me out:

Looking at entry level bikes and settled on the Lemond Tourlamet ($999). Each LBS I went to said I should consider the BA ($1350) based on what I get for the extra $350 (carbon fork, 105 instead of Tiagra, better wheels). The problem is not the extra $350 but the question of whether the BA for me. I ride my MTB only on the road (therefore my need for a road bike) about 4 days a week and a total of 60 miles per week. Hopefully with a road bike I will do about 75 miles. I do not plan to race although I probably will attempt a century in the future. For me riding is purely about enjoyment and fitness.

Any thoughts?
the 105 upgrade..Rusty McNasty
Aug 6, 2001 7:26 AM what makes it worthwhile. You didn't say what the differences in wheels were, but if the "better" wheel has fewer spokes, it isn't an upgrade as far as reliability is concerned. Is it possible to keep the metal fork and get the 105 upgrade? That might be the best deal. I wouldn't buy Tiagra components considering the riding you will be doing.
re: What/Who to believe?Steeeve
Aug 6, 2001 7:39 AM
I suppose it's a fact of life with showroom sales are the same, always trying to sell the upgrade.

I really comes down to this: Are you the type that will want to upgrade after intial purchase? Look at other things you have purchased in the past such as sports equipment, computers, audio, video, camera equipment etc. After the initial purchase did you start thinking about upgrading (or worse, wished you had purchased the better model)? If so, you'll be the same with your bike.
BTW, Tiagra is fine for recreational riding. The biking snobs stick up thier noses to it, but it will work fine.
re: What/Who to believe?jtolleson
Aug 6, 2001 3:10 PM
I think that the Tourmalet is overpriced for what it has. For a grand, you can get a full 105 equipped bike from Bianchi or Specialized. I actually like Lemond, and think that the BA and Zurich are great.

The Tourmalet was originally introduced as an entry level bike (in the sub-$700 price range) but in the last two years the price jumped and I'm not convinced that any changes or upgrades warranted it.