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Campy Record 9 with Dura Ace cassette?(5 posts)

Campy Record 9 with Dura Ace cassette?nkotb
Aug 5, 2001 9:17 PM
Ive heard on this site more than once that Campy 9 is compatible with Dura Ace 9. I have two road bikes, one with DA and one iwth Record 9, I tried to put a Shimano wheel on the Campy bike and theres no way it will work. Its way off. What gives? Why do some say it will work?

By the way, Dura Ace rules! Campy may last longer (maybe), but SHimano just blows it away in performance and feel. Sorry Campy lovers. It shifts like old Suntour Accushift. Just wait til Dura Ace gets redesigned. Italy is scared! All this is of course IMHO, many have differences of opinions, especially after they spent $400 more than DA.
re: Yesseamus
Aug 5, 2001 9:32 PM
I've been racing Record 9 with a Dura-Ace 9speed cogset and Sram chain for three years, and recently transferred the group to my new frame. It's not quite as slick and flawless shifting as a complete Record10 or Dura-Ace9 group, but it works pretty darn well.

The problems you're having could have something to do with the chain you're using, or something else. I agree completely that Dura-Ace is great stuff, but since you seem to think that Campy shifts like old Suntour, it's possible that there's some mechanic error going on somewhere, and I mean no offense by that.
nkotb, I have to agree with seamus...never tried to mix 'em
Aug 5, 2001 11:18 PM
Shimano stuff works great (Dura Ace, XTR, XT) but I also have a road bike with Record 9-speed and it performs as well as my Dura Ace bike. There maybe something amiss in your Campy drivetrain.
re: Campy Record 9 with Dura Ace cassette?Hans van Beek
Aug 6, 2001 3:45 AM
I bought a secondhand Giant TCR. I bought it with a Dura Ace hub 8-speed body and cassette and a Campagnolo Daytona 9-speed derailleur with Ergopower shifters.

It worked well. A bit difficult to tune, but when it works it works. Now I have mount a new 8-speed Shimano cassette with more teeth (lighter !) and I wondered if it still should work, because on the old one there could be special rings for Campa. But I noticed that I did not need special rings in the cassette. It still works as good as it did before.
There is a posibility that there is mount a special Shimano-rotor in the right shifter to let the Ergopower shifter run on a Shimano cassette. But I am not sure about that.
I ones red that there is a difference between the distance between two geerwheels (?)of Shimano and Campa, so I think it must be solved in my situation with a special Shimano rotor in the Ergopower shifter.

Who do more know about this ?
Check out Chris King's FAQ.Paul J.
Aug 6, 2001 9:40 AM
Looks like Chris is using a setup like that. Check out his web site