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saddle leveling problem(3 posts)

saddle leveling problemheather
Aug 4, 2001 11:02 PM
I have an older durace seat post(late 80's). I just changed saddles and as I tighten the single bolt the two holding plates start to tilt down to the front.
I tried starting out with the saddle nose higher than needed but it ends up a bit lower than level after I fully tighten it. I would love to know that I'm
making a simple mistake that will allow me to have the saddle level. THANKS!!
re: saddle leveling problemDaveG
Aug 5, 2001 5:43 AM
Maybe there's a trick to it, but I think its just a trial and error exercise. You're not doing anything wrong, its just tedious. However, if your post has ratcheted "teeth" you are limited in the number of positions that you can use. An infinatly adjustable type of post will help this but its still subject to some trial and error setup. good luck
re: saddle leveling problemSpoke Wrench
Aug 5, 2001 5:50 AM
Make sure that the bottom part of the clamp is loose from the main part of the seatpost before you start the tightning process. Lots of times when replacing saddles it gets stuck to the bottom of the seatpost and the clamp just keeps going back to the same angle.

Good luck.