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Fit questions.(2 posts)

Fit questions.cycleguy
Aug 4, 2001 10:14 PM
Why are inseam measurements in bare feet? I have not ridden a bike bare footed since I was ten.

If one can change ones position on the saddle as they ride. Knee over center, knee behind, ahead etc. What should one use as the beginning measurement? Spinner or masher, up hill or down, crit or century rider?

The relationship of the front axel to the bars. lean down and it's covered, sit upright and it's not. Same with elbows, sometimes they are bent at a certain degree, sometimes not etc.

For myself, I find that I seem to cover almost all the fit questions depending on when, where, and how I ride. And most of all how I feel! It also seems that if I use most of the normal fit guide lines, I'm riding a bike that is to big.

Im more then happy with my bikes but I just wonder!?!?
YepSpoke Wrench
Aug 5, 2001 6:16 AM
I think that bike fit is a mixture of art and science. I also think that its a moving target. As your fitness and flexability improve, your optimum bike fit will also evolve.

This much I do know:
1. It's hard to measure bodies. People don't have nice square corners to measure. Bare footed measurements just eliminate one of the variables and has evolved as the standard that almost everyone uses.
2. That knee-over-pedal factor is important. We had a rider in our RAGBRAI group that was having knee pain. He pushed his saddle from all the way back to all the way forward. He also moved the pain from one part of his knee to another and missed riding for a day. Eventually we got him to a more moderate saddle position and played with his shoe cleats and he was pain free by the end of the week.
3. I've never understood the logic behind the handlebar hides the axle concept, but it works for me. I ride mostly on the hoods. On all three of my road bikes, the handlebar hides the axle when I'm on the hoods. I don't get shoulder or neck aches, and I can use the drops for rather extended periods of time when I feel like it.
4. My bikes are one size larger than most people recommend for a guy my height.