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My letter to Greg Lemond(14 posts)

My letter to Greg LemondLazyrider
Aug 4, 2001 8:39 PM
This was sent to his site. Just like he stated what he felt about Lance, I reserve the right to state how I feel about him now.

I, like many others are upset at Greg Lemond's statements about Lance and his association with Dr. Ferrari. How much of an ego could he have to not allow a fellow American his day in the sun after winning an essentially european sporting event? With no evidence of Lance doping, Lemond's comments can only be viewed as bitter and envy rearing its ugly little head. I watched Greg win his Tours way back when and was very proud but now am utterly disgusted. In America, one is not guilty by association and USPS has been tested clean consistently. Those are the facts. Even if Dr. Ferrari is convicted, it still doesn't mean Lance is doping. Personally, I could give a sh$% if all cyclists dope. The point is to not make negative comments when the whole country is cheering the accomplishments of one of our own. I will never buy a Lemond product and will gladly spend $4-5000 on a Litespeed or another fine American bike. Even to post such statements like you have on this site about there not being a Bobby Julich or Lance without Greg is ego-maniacal (although it is true but show some humility not to have it on your own site). Greg, without a public apology you may be remembered as a bitter prick. I have had your win against Figneon on tape for over ten years when I originally taped it. Jackass is on MTV tomorrow night and I will use this tape to record it. What does that say about the situation.
Regretfully Yours
where is Greg's statements?Ti
Aug 4, 2001 9:01 PM
I'm not as familiar with Greg's statement as you are. Can I ask where you found it so I can read it myself?

And by the way, MTV's JackA** is an entertaining television show but maybe you might want to record over the CBS coverage of the Tour instead. LOL:)
hello Ti, ironically wayLazyrider
Aug 4, 2001 9:12 PM
back when Lemond was racing in the Tour, it was CBS coverage (hahaha, no kidding). The comments he made are printed in the new Sports Illustrated with Lance on the cover. There is a side bar on page 38 entitle "Shadow of a doubt". I am sure the comment can be found online. Go to Yahoo sports and type in Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond together and you should find it.
I hate that - Thanx!Ti
Aug 4, 2001 10:07 PM
I hate it when someone gives you instructions of, go to a search engine and put in ... I tell people that all the time!!!

I found this - Thanxs! the article!

Armstrong surprised, upset by LeMond's comments
He said what? Lance Armstrong was baffled by Greg LeMond's comments about his association with an Italian doctor.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Lance Armstrong said Thursday he was upset by remarks from fellow American Tour de France champion Greg LeMond regarding Armstrong's association with an Italian doctor linked to drug use in sports.

Armstrong said he had spoken to LeMond, the only other American to win cycling's most prestigious event three times and the first American to win it at all, about comments LeMond made earlier this week on Armstrong's relationship with physician Michele Ferrari.

LeMond had told the Guardian, a London newspaper, "In the light of Lance's relationship with Ferrari, I just don't want to comment on this year's Tour. This is not sour grapes. I'm just disappointed in Lance."

Armstrong has defended his ties to Ferrari, whose name has been linked to the drug EPO. However, Armstrong said he would "re-evaluate" his relationship if the physician is found guilty of wrongdoing in a drug inquiry under way in Italy.

"I was upset, I was surprised more than anything," Armstrong said of LeMond's remarks. He said he considered LeMond a cycling pioneer.

Armstrong has never tested positive for any banned substances and said Ferrari has never discussed any drugs with him. He said he told LeMond, "Greg, you're one of my heroes and I wouldn't be here without you and I was surprised to see that." One-on-One: Lance Armstrong
Click the image to launch the clip

Lance Armstrong discusses his drive to excel, as well as his detractors.

Armstrong said LeMond didn't apologize for the remarks.

A call to LeMond's agent, Mary Haigh, was not immediately returned on Thursday.

Armstrong made his comments during a two-day media tour in New York, just days after winning his third consecutive Tour de France. He had appeared on David Letterman and at a Yankees-Rangers game on Wednesday, and at a U.S. Postal Services office with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani earlier on Thursday. He was due in Washington on Friday to meet with President Bush.

He also spent some of Thursday on a bicycle, taking an impromptu trip through Central Park.

Armstrong said he was already looking forward to next year, but would make no predictions about winning more Tours, or if he would attempt to match or break the record of five championships.

"I hope I can be smart enough and intelligent enough to walk away when it's time, and I hope I can say a record or number of victories won't motivate my decision to keep forcing something that doesn't want to be forced," he said.

Of course, the desire to race is not forced now, and Armstrong said he wasn't really entertaining any thoughts of doing something other than cycling.

Away from his bike, Armstrong and his wife are expecting twin girls in December, and he said he and the family would be spending more time in Austin, Texas, preparing for that.

But in discussing LeMond's comments, Armstrong said that when he did stop racing, "I want to be the guy when I'm done I don't want to have any bitterness toward the sport, I don't want to have any bitterness toward the new generation. ... I hope I have the class to do that."

Asked if he though LeMond was bitter, Armstrong replied, "I don't know."
you're boycotting Trek? nmHank
Aug 4, 2001 9:12 PM
Lemond has always been a cry babyspookyload
Aug 5, 2001 1:01 AM
Doesn't anyone rememeber him crying at the top of Alpe de Huez when he was told not to take the lead from Hinault, so Hinalult could win his fifth tour?? It has been many years, but if memory serves me correctly Bernard crashed and broke his nose while leading the race, and Greg wanted to assume team command and win the race. He was bitter and jealous then, and is now too. Lance is showing signs of professionalism Greg never had. He trains hard and makes no excuses if he doesn't produce results, rather he trains harder the next year and succeeds. Whenever Lemond would falter (i.e. anytime a camera was around) he had some excuse like, my team director said this, or I wasn't getting the same support from the peloton as so and so because I am american. Watching bike racing on TV in the 80's was hard enough, but to have to listen to him complain all the time just used to piss me off. And another thing, comparing his come back to Lances is a joke. Lance fought cancer that would have killed the average person, and made his come back right away. Greg was shot turkey hunting by his red neck brother-in-law and it took four years for him to make a comeback. It did provide many more good excuses for him though. I compare Lance to the real pro's of cycling's history like Francesco Moser, Claudio Ciapucci, Bernard Hinault or Sean Kelly. They were no nonsense atheletes who new they were the best and showed you. I truly believe if Greg had been in Lances spot this year, he would have attacked whe Jan Ulrich went off the road.
Aug 5, 2001 9:07 AM
I'd just like to say that I'm exceedingly happy with this series of posts.
re: My letter to Greg Lemondtr
Aug 5, 2001 9:26 AM
I enjoy and support Armstrong's victories. But your statement of "I could give a sh$% if all cyclists dope" does more harm than anything Lemond has ever or will say". I think you should examine some of Ferrari's statements as much as you have Lemond's or anyone elses. If you read some of the stuff Ferrari has said i think you would feel differently. I think Lance would do well to drop his association with Ferrari. Lance doesn't need Ferrari, it is the other way around. Who is to say that Ferrari is not trying to better his cloudy past through someone elses gain, instead of Lemond trying to lower the value of Lance's victories. Lance and Greg are supposedly friends, friends always tell each other what they should hear, not what they want to hear necessarily. Greg may only be guilty of not keeping his comment private between him and lance. People can only speculate as you and i have.
Aug 5, 2001 11:40 AM
I can see how you would think my statement was harmful, but in the grand scheme of things in the world, whether or not cyclists or any other athlete uses performance enhancing drugs really doesn't affect my life or yours. I worry more about the children getting their arms hacked off in the Congo due to the dirty diamond trade (for example). Whether or not elite, pampered athletes are doing what they need to do to be competitive is ultimately their business. Just like I could have cared less if Clinton was cheating on Hillary years ago. Who cares? That is between him and his wife. Like in body building, the Mr Universe guys are all on steroids. It is unnatural to get that big, period. They don't care, they don't test, it is up to the individual to take the risk if they want to be competitive.
I will prove my point which I don't think anyone could argue. Cigarettes and alcohol will kill more people in a week than EPO would ever and these two poisons are supported by our government. I don't use either, but that is my choice. I will not tell someone else they cannot smoke or drink. Screw them, they know the risks and dangers and if they choose to, let them. If you took away a person's right to smoke or drink, trust me, there would be a war in this country. My point is that I would rather see cyclists be clean, but it they choose to risk their health and careers, it is their business. If I had a relative cyclist who endangered their health, I would maybe speak my mind about the dangers, but ultimately it is their body. So I don't care if some athlete I don't personally know dopes. Do they care if I shoot heroine??? Not unless they knew me. This may seem harsh or jaded, but it is reality. You cannot police the world and everyone in it and above all PEOPLE HAVE FREE WILL. If the rules state, NO DOPING, then they have to abide by those rules or suffer the consequences. That is their choice and risk to take, not mine.
Then why do you care what LeMond says?Lance's Neighbor
Aug 5, 2001 1:42 PM
He has the right to speak his mind. However, I do think he should have made the comments in private to Lance if his intention was one of advice. I do sense a certain amount of sour grapes in Greg's comments. I agree with many of your comments but I do disagree with you about whether we should care about athletes doping. It is up to the fans to demand a clean sport. If some athlete hurts his health trying to cheat does it ruin my day? No, but it certainly ruins my enjoyment of the sport if the athletes are cheating by any means or if I can not be inspired by them to improve my own health. After all health and enjoyment are why I ride, support, and watch the sport
I don't care what Lemond's opinion is,Lazyrider
Aug 5, 2001 1:59 PM
everyone is entitled to theirs of course and that is a beautiful thing. However, the point is that I like so many other people have a problem with the "timing" of Lemond's comments. Throwing out accusatory and negative comments on the day of someone's hard fought victory is a really shi%%y thing to do. Especially when there is no evidence of what he is inferring. It is unsportsmanlike plain and simple. Why haven't any current fellow cyclist passed judgement like that on Lance? The guys in the Peloton with him. No, just Greg Lemond who has now been joined at the top and surpassed in many ways as the new American hero of cycling. IT IS SO OBVIUOUSLY BITTERNESS AND ENVY. How could anyone deny this???????? I am not naive in the least. Lance could very well be doping although I wouldn't think he would risk everything, but none of us know. If it comes out one day that he did, then Lemond has a right to make comments like that. Now he justs looks terrible. Sorry but this is how I and probably many people feel.
Like I said, I live a clean life, that is my choice and would prefer that athletes were clean, but there will always be doping in sports. Unfortunately, ALWAYS.
I don't care what Lemond's opinion is,tr
Aug 5, 2001 6:54 PM
Why do you care about sportmanship if you don't care if everyone is doping!!!!! Which is what you said earlier. How many people have passed judgement on a fellow cyclist riding in the peleton!!! It is the unwritten rule not to even if you know different. Everyone knows that. Those who have talked did so after they finished riding. No one is above reproach, even the yellow jersey. As far as the timing, do you think the press would ask Lemond about it in the middle of winter, i think not. I don't think everyone should accept doping just because there will always be those who chose to cheat. No one wants a contest as to who can dope the best. Certainly, sponsors do not want to pay for this or be associated with this.
I don't care what Lemond's opinion is,jschrotz
Aug 5, 2001 7:37 PM
Did LeMond come out and accuse Armstrong of being doped? No. He expressed that he hopes that the relationship is clean as Lance has described it. But he also said that he was disappointed in Lance's decision to have established a relationship with a doctor of now publicly questionable reputation. LeMond seems to be saying that Ferrari's reputation has never been a clean one within the cycling community, which he knows better than any of us. What does Lance need someone like Ferrari for anyway? The guy has had unbelievable success with Chris Carmichael's coaching behind him. What could Ferrari bring to the table that is worth being associated with him in light of all the doping stories? I find it ironic that everyone praises the hell out of Armstrong for speaking his mind no matter the consequences, but then get all bent out of shape if anyone else does the same. If nothing else, Lance made a big mistake in terms of PR.
I don't care what Lemond's opinion is,Lance's Neighbor
Aug 5, 2001 7:55 PM
Please don't get me wrong I also frown on LeMond's statement and I do believe that the timing of the statement was in poor taste. Also the public nature of the statement is in very poor taste and I think shows poor sportsmanship. I'm always thrilled to read what others Merckx, Indurain and others have to say about Lance they all seem to gush over him. Except of course LeMond. As far as I know Lemond is the only champion who has criticized Lance. The fact that it happened after Lance equaled his American record of three tour wins makes me wonder all the more about the comments. I'm a huge Lance fan and have followed him since he was 15 years old. I still have a race result sheet showing that he beat me by almost an hour in a triathlon. I would be shocked that Lance or anybody who had gone through what he has gone through would risk his health, prestige, career in any way especially with all the accusations and testing that has been done. nobody in the current peloton has been tested as much as Lance and there is not the slightest bit of evidence to even raise the question that he may not be clean. Now having said all that I just want to reiterate I agree with all that you say except that I believe we should care and demand that the athletes of the sport we follow are clean