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Online stores(7 posts)

Online storesSamDC
Aug 4, 2001 7:45 PM
Just wanted to share some of the online stores I've collected up to this point. Please post any of your favorites. I've noticed the ones abroad tend to be cheaper in some respects. Also, some of them may have closed down, sorry I didn't verify each one. Anyway, here goes: [querys various stores] [custom wheels] [bags only] [ database ] [ wheels only ] [ Ireland ] [ Ireland ]
You're missing a biggie!Lazy
Aug 4, 2001 7:53 PM
It's the fave of several of us around here:
<font color="#FF0033">don't buy from them</font>Ti
Aug 4, 2001 8:27 PM
Please read this before you ever buy from excel!!!

Three years ago I bought a full XTR group but the derailer didn't fit. I explained the problem and was told to bring my bike and the derailer to their store (I live 1 hr. away). When I arrived I was treated like a criminal. They didn't even look at my bike and I explained that I was asked to drive to their store and was still treated rude. I was completely surprised and was looking for cameras because it didn't seem real. I asked to speak to a manager and he told me he was a THE manager.

I didn't buy from them for two years but recently had a change of heart. I wanted a new Ti roadie so I went to their store. I test-road a bike and was almost going to buy the bike. Then remembered how bad I was treated and decided to go elsewhere before I made the purchase. I found the same bike (actually better) and it was about $500 cheaper.

The funny thing is that I wanted to upgrade the derailer which, by the way, had not even been mounted because it didn't fit. In fact, they made a mistake in the order. They would have made $50 on that sale alone. I figure they have lost over $6,000 from me and my friends (and will continue to lose a lot more!!!).
Opposite experienceLazy
Aug 4, 2001 8:53 PM
Another local here has posted a negative experience as well. I have done business with them and had nothing but the best experience. I recently had a bike built by them. I also went into the store, but was treated very well and the folks in the shop knew what they were doing. It was a TT bike and I already had the aerobars (bought elsewhere) I wanted installed. They took them and installed bar end shifters in them and mounted them with out batting an eye or charging me an extra cent. They also offered to let me ship them my wheels so they could do a better job adjusting the R. der. Did a good job overall from the ground up. A quality build. I don't have any personal experience with their house wheels, but I hear they are quite good as well.

I don't blame you for your reaction after that experience. I would probably be pretty soured after that too. I've had nothing but good luck with them.
Aug 4, 2001 9:17 PM
I've had good experiences with most mailorder services including Excel.

I can appreciate anyone's bad experiences in what today passes itself off for customer service especially if you present yourself in person.

Let me add and as well as to the list...

Also note, that many builders are branching out into limited parts and services... and come to mind.

Be the bike.
unlikewise and likewiseTi
Aug 4, 2001 9:44 PM
I'm the guy with the bad experience. I would say that for every 100 good experiences you have as a consumer, you have one bad. My treatment was regrettable on their part and because of that I shared my experience. However, I didn't think they knew a lot about fitting bikes and their pricing is high. They also have some low-quality bikes (Macalu Aero and Merlin [sorry - their not the Merlins of 5 years ago]) and useless Mtn's (Intense & Maverick). But lets not beat a dead horse!

I will say that Schwab Cycles in Wheatridge is amazing!!! I do not know about their mail/online capabilities but that they are the most knowledgable bicycle people I've ever encountered! If you ever have the luxury of visiting them, you will be very lucky. They just need to move to a better part of town. Maybe they can buy Excel's property after they go out of business:)

I will also say that Colorado Cyclist [] has the best online site.
re: Online storesVictorChan
Aug 4, 2001 8:19 PM
Wow, thanks. Now, I have more places to spend my money. :-)