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Altitude/weather watches(8 posts)

Altitude/weather watchesCartman
Aug 4, 2001 1:00 PM
Yesterday, Slothlike posted about his new Nike/Armstrong altitude/weather/compass watch. I'm interested in getting one, primarily for the altitude function,- to see how much climbing and decending I'm doing while riding. Any experience with these? I have a temperature watch, which is accurate, if it is not on my wrist.
re: Altitude/weather watcheshumbert
Aug 4, 2001 4:03 PM
I have lurked long enough and this message is as good as any to join the crowd. Greetings to all. I purchased a Suunto Advisor that, based on a few month's use, I recommend. It is an altimeter as well as a barometer, a digital compass, a watch and a Polar-powered heart monitor. Suunto also makes the Vector if you don't need the monitor function. Its great to see how many vertical feet you just climbed as you reach the top. Good riding to all.
Hey CartmanSlothlike
Aug 4, 2001 5:05 PM
I have been playing around with my Nike watch a little more. It is very very cool. The Sunto the gentleman refers to seems like a substantial piece but it is rather large. The Nike is a nice size and according to the guys at Campmor, it is more accurate than the Casio Pathfinders. I live very close to Campmor so I go to the store but you can get the same watch without the Lance Edition for $179 and the Ascent watch without the compass for $109. If you want to know the altitude tnem buy the cheaper one, it has Altitude, Weather but no compass. Go to and look under watches, they don't have the Lance Edition there though. The cheaper one actually looks nicer in my opinion because it is silver with a black band. Functionally it is the same as the Lance minus the compass and color. If you want the Lance Ed then you will pay $235. I got my as a gift so I guess it is nice to have the Lance one, but I normally don't buy stuff like that just because someone endorses it. The weather function is so cool and has been accurate so far. It showed a clud with rain earlier in day and it rained all day. Yesterday it read partly cloudy and was dead on. The altitude can be reset each ride and will give you accumulative feet gained and maximum altitude and draws a graph. Data can be stored for future refernce and alarms can be set to go off when you reach a certain altitude or tempature. Nike didn't make this watch, they obviously farmed the project out to a company that knows how to make these things. I was ready to buy the non Lance one regardless so if you want to save a few bucks go to campmor soon before they run out.
Hope this helps
Thanks for the input...Cartman
Aug 4, 2001 7:40 PM
from you and everyone who posted. I envy you on your Lance watch. Yes, some may consider it "Fredish", but hey, if you were a football fan, would you buy and be the envy of your friends to have a superbowl watch??
Cart, I agree that it is a little bitSlothlike
Aug 4, 2001 8:59 PM
"Fredish" to have the Lance watch, but it is functional. I could never bring myself to buy the Postal Team bike or clothing (just a personal thing so people don't kill me), but a t-shirt, watch or cap isn't too bad as it isn't so conspicuous. I don't like looking like a "groupie" either and I am a huge Lance fan ( I have a framed autographed "COURAGE" poster in my living room for crying out loud) . I have been riding for a long time and generally buy items that are good quality, but usually on sale. Trek will sell a lot of OCLVs to people who will eventually hang them up just to collect dust once the Lance bug goes away and that is sad but probably the truth. I ride high end titanium now but it took me years to build up to this as I never felt I put enough miles to warrant such a bike. Now I feel "worthy" and don't mean to pass judgement on others but so many people with $$$ to burn jump into hobbies by buying the best of everything but neglect to use the equipment. That to me is a sin. People have a right to spend their $$ as they wish but use the stuff and learn how to use the stuff right. For example, I was in a LBS and the staff were goofing on a guy who had a $5000 titanium bike, but didn't know how to change a flat. This is just my opinion, but it seems to be a familiar one on this site. Did you check out
Ahh what the heck, I think I'm gona get one..Cartman
Aug 5, 2001 11:53 AM
I found a way to pay for it, that is the Lance watch. I've never been into sports before, and now that I am into bicycling as a sport, I have years of being a sports fan to catch up with. What better way to begin!!
well slap me silly and call me Fred...dustin73
Aug 5, 2001 8:18 PM
so today, the day after the Vive Lance party, before work, i went to the mall in austin and checked out the Lance watch...after about 10 seconds of thinking, i bought it. i figured, "it's a watch. it has Lance's endorsment. Lance is an American hero. i've got some extra cash to why not?" so i did. Lance is the first figure that i've ever looked at as being a hero. now, instead i could've gone out and bougt a new bike, my dream bike, but i didn't (scholarship $$ that is more than i need). i want to work for that money, and i don't think i'm good enough for that bike yet (Pinarello Prince or Merckx SC with Record/Chorus). as for the watch, it's neato. i haven't ridden with it yet, but as work, i messed with the other stuff and it's all really cool. i don't know about the weather feature yet, but that's 'cause texas forcasts read like this "hotter than hell, with no rain in sight. oh, and humid." the altimeter seems to work pretty well. i drove around on a golf cart (i work at a golf course) and it seemed to keep up with the peaks and valleys. i wish it was capable of keeping track of laps, and maybe it is, i just don't know for the colors...i personally dig the grey/silver/blue. it's not like super flashy, yet still looks cool. i'm kinda partial to blue, though. now, if it were yellow/red/white/blue, then i'd have a problem. ohhhhhh, and you can change how stuff is from feet to meters, or C* to F* and yadda yadda. the 2 time zone feature is kinda useless to me...considering i've been in a different time zone once...i don't know, i might set the second one for Italy's time 'cause i hope to go there next year and build my dream bike and hopefully save a little money...who knows...

however, i will never be caught dead in a yellow jersey. never ever never. USPS, maybe, highly unlikely though. if any team jersey, it'll be some little team that no one will recognize. ok, well that's my i think slothlike and i both dig the watches. a little pricey? maybe, but if you think so, go with the un-Lance one.

question, though...if someone weren't a cyclist, and bought the Lance Ed., would they still be a "fred"?
re: Altitude/weather watchesgrzy mnky
Aug 4, 2001 8:49 PM
Been running the Avocet Vertech (for about $135) for a while and am pretty pleased with it, but I can't compare it to other watches. It doesn't have the HR or compass functions. I figure I've already got those and the more things you load into one device the more likley you are to have a problem, but that's just me. I can use the Avocet for biking, skiing, and hiking. It accumlates total vertica/descent and even has a run counter in the ski mode (any descent >250' counts as a run).