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Land Rider bike infommercial(2 posts)

Land Rider bike infommercialkenyee
Aug 4, 2001 12:49 PM
Well, ya gotta think cycling is catching on again if someone is bold enough to do an infommercial to sell you one :-)
Anyone else catch it this Saturday afternoon?

Looks like a MTB w/ autoshifting for the rear and a 2spd in front.
They kept comparing it w/ road bikes w/ down tube shifters:
"you don't have to take your eyes off the road to shift because of the autotranny"
"your neck won't hurt like it does on road bikes"
"you're in a more comfortable position and you can see better"
"your butt won't hurt because of our bigger seat and suspension
post and front suspension fork"
"you can climb faster than a person on a road bike when you go up hills" (I think it had high gearing like MTBs and it looked like a 20% slope)

It was $400 w/ a money back guarantee.
Mildly amusing, but I can see newbies liking it.
What a total piece of SH$#Lazyrider
Aug 5, 2001 8:29 PM
but I still had to watch. Isn't that funny?? I love infomercials so much becuse of their inherent comedic value. My girlfriend thinks I am nuts but I say that she isn't intelligent enough to see the genius in informercials like this bike one. I love the way they show the road bike struggling up the hill in such a dramatic way. It is like when O.J. struggled to put on the bloody glove (perfect analogy). Hey, if you order now they'll even knock off one payment for you. If you see someone riding one, push them off the bike. (just kidding)