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Is it worth a wheel upgrade?(2 posts)

Is it worth a wheel upgrade?jtolleson
Aug 4, 2001 12:43 PM
I've got Mavic Open Pros on a ti bike. My main goals are fairly aggressive sport touring (centuries etc.) plus contemplating ABB's "Fast America South Ride" next year (ave. 117 per day). So, need comfort and don't race, but not a total pedestrian.

Query, should I upgrade to the Kyrsiums or is it not worth the modest change in weight/performance/comfort?

Your opinions are always wanted.
Aug 4, 2001 3:49 PM
I just put a set of ksyriums on my giant tcr team, replacing a set of cosmic elites. The ksyriums are faster, lighter, and more comfortable than the previous wheels. I think it is the spoke material making them so much more comfortable. They are the same spokes they use in the tubless crossmax mountain bike wheels, so durablility is definately not a question. Whatever you decide for wheels, do yourself a favor and intall 23mm tires. Another major comfort factor for longer rides, and the quick feel of the ride isn't lost like in 25mm tires. If you decide to go with the ksyriums, get them from an overseas place like . They are selling them for $436 right now in the clincher model. Shipping puts them at $460 i think, well below the cheapest U.S. vendor. Thank Veltec Sports for their price fix in the U.S. for that.