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Posted Some Tour de France Pictures(1 post)

Posted Some Tour de France Pictureszelig
Aug 4, 2001 8:45 AM
I posted a few shots taken last Sunday on the Champs Elysèe in the photo gallery under racing moments. An incredible day. Beautiful weather and a good spot on the barriers just by the 1k kite. Many thanks to David Bullock of Herfordshire for tips on where and what for the pictures. Cheers David.

Despite what the press in France writes, Armstrong was warmly received by the people watching the race and during the final presentation.

I went from the winner's presentation to Charles de Gaulle airport as I was going to Milan for the week and ran into some members of both the Lampre Daikin and Fassa Bortolo team who were heading for Milan's Orio airport. Maurizio Fondriest cut in front of me at the check in counter!! Pinotti was very gracious about his second place on stage 15. Met Wladmir Belli, a really nice guy who despite the punch up in the Giro with Simoni's nephew, is good friends with the guys on the Lampre team. The riders were just looking to get home and get some rest. Talk about low body fat.

Back to Milan, where everbody's on holiday, for another week.