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Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??(8 posts)

Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??jhsu
Aug 3, 2001 9:23 PM
I am selling a SEVEN Axiom Ti, 57cm frameset. (near-new at $1799 or best offer! see the ads on this website's classifieds. now back to our main story....) So most of the queries have come from nice folks who might ask for a picture, ask about the frame, how it rides, if there are any blemishes, and make offers. along comes this guy (his name really is "guy") who not only asks for the previous owner's email and phone number so he can contact him, and then states that he will not proceed unless i produce some kind of "proof of purchase."

in my activities on this web's classifieds, on ebay, and in selling things throughout my college/med school years i have never had anyone ask me if i have proof that i owned the stuff i am selling. but maybe i am just naive:
  • do you guys ask for sellers to prove their bike is not "hot?"
  • do you folks ask to contact a prior owner to get the dirt?
  • finally, what would you do if you are selling a beautiful frameset that you are reluctant to let go and then some guy comes along and ask you to flash the receipt or he "cannot proceed," as if he is doing you a favor by taking the frame you love off your hands? at a $1000 savings i might add.
  • re: Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??rick33
    Aug 3, 2001 9:42 PM
    don't people have a right to ask you if the bike is yours to sell?? just give them the serial number on the bike and with that they can get owner info from Seven.
    re: Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??jhsu
    Aug 4, 2001 6:51 AM
    i agree that they do have a right to, but how and when to do it is my question to you all. they have a right but unless they are serious i don't think it's appropriate to demand it with ultimatums like "unless i see some form of proof of purchase i'm going to go on to other bikes...."

    (later this "guy" wrote back to accuse me of being a kid, "maybe 20-21," and that the reason my frame didn't fit me when it arrived was that i didn't ask for the receipt?! do i have to take it from chumps like this?)

    this "guy" (his name) has not made an offer, has not shown any serious intent, and basically wants me to give out the previous owner's name, email, address. seven is not going to give out that private info either.

    i would be happy to provide him with the information if i think he is serious, and that we have a verbal (email) agreement to do the transaction.

    at this early stage of this ex-buyer's game, why should i be faxing this info? should i expect to do that with all buyers from now? do you guys routinely ask for a copy of the receipt when you are interested in a used bike on the classifieds ad? and do you tell the seller you will not "proceed further unless you provide me with the receipt?"
    re: Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??greg turnle
    Aug 4, 2001 7:06 AM
    talked to Seven and they would pass on a request to verify ownership to the "registered" owner. if the bike has a tampered with serial number I would assume it is stolen.
    re: Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??peloton
    Aug 4, 2001 8:49 AM
    I don't think it is unreasonable to ask to see a proof of purchase or a receit for the frame. I do think it is unreasonable to harass a seller. If the guy is giving you a hard time and the frame is legit, than don't do business with him. You shouldn't have a hard time selling that seven. I have sold quite a few things here. Sometimes people give you a hard time in making a transaction. If people are difficult, I don't sell to them. It is your option as a seller.
    you are right--i then got harrassed after posting thisjhsu
    Aug 5, 2001 7:13 AM
    my reply from this guy was: "you must be 20-21 don't have a receipt and that's why you got a bike in the wrong size in the first place...." [what's the receipt got to do with the size he did not elaborate]

    this is shocking to me. not since junior high decades ago have i dealt with a child like this - who first questions my ownership then attacks me as a person, all the while acting as if he is going to do me an eternal favor when i am offering a chance for him to buy a ebautiful frameset and save him tons of money. i guess this is what getting "flamed" feels like on this website except no one else is around to see how ridiculous the flamer is.

    and to top it off the supposed buyer then states the expectedly lame "i would have offered you a price and come to pick it up in person but your answer was not satisfactory...." however this is NOT what the jerk did! he refused to prove if he was at all serious and began to assault me when i told him he was being rude.

    to clarify: i do not have difficulty with proving that i bought the frameset legit. the bike does NOT have tampering done to it. and this guy is definitely not worth dealing with, i agree with you.
    you are right--i then got harrassed after posting thispeloton
    Aug 5, 2001 8:18 AM
    I sold a Campy Rolf wheelset last year here, and recieved close to one hundred replies for it. Some of the people who responded made ridiculous requests, and acted like they were doing me a favor for responding. Others wanted to make a deal, and then tried to change the terms after we had come to an agreement. The good news is though, that the vast majority of the people who responded were civil, and friendly. I sold the wheelset to a guy who was very cool about the transaction. You can find someone who won't give you a hard time I'm sure. I'd be interested if I had the cash!
    re: Classifieds etiquette: do i need to prove my ownership??greg turnle
    Aug 5, 2001 12:21 PM
    there are all types out there in cyber. just like real/life. if someone gives me grief I simply ignore them. the frame is well priced and you shouldn't have any trouble selling it to someone who will appreciate the bike and the savings. my post about ownership was a caution for anyone buying an expensive frame over the net and a statement to you that you should expect that question.