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2001 Demo Trek 5200 for $1,799. Is this reasonable?(4 posts)

2001 Demo Trek 5200 for $1,799. Is this reasonable?russ g
Aug 3, 2001 7:37 PM
Actually I already pulled the trigger on this. I wasn't even in the market but my LBS purchased a bunch of Demo 2001 model 5200's from Trek. The white postal team models with blue rolf vector comps, the bikes were in good condition, Trek takes bikes to rally's and tours and uses these for demo rides. Not sure exactly what retail is on these but I think it is above $2,500 or so. I made an impulse purchase as people were buying these up around me as I was holding my size (56) and couple were eyeing the one I had hoping I might put it back on the rack so I felt the pressure to make my decision quick. I wasn't even in the market but with the price, I though I owed it to myself to test ride it. WOW that is one smooth bike. Anyway here is my question: With who knows how many miles on the bike but with full warranties included from Trek on these, is $1,799 a decent price to pay for this bike?
re: 2001 Demo Trek 5200 for $1,799. Is this reasonable?capnjim01
Aug 4, 2001 5:20 AM
if you had bought this used from a private seller it would not be a great deal. since you saved a least 25 percent and if you do have a FULL warranty from TREK you should be ok.
re: 2001 Demo Trek 5200 for $1,799. Is this reasonable?jtolleson
Aug 4, 2001 12:37 PM
Yes, the price is a good one. You should be pleased, especially if, given the bikes demo status they threw in any goodies (esp. pedals but even a decent computer). Did they?
re: 2001 Demo Trek 5200 for $1,799. Is this reasonable?badabill
Aug 4, 2001 2:08 PM
I rode 1 of these bikes a few months back. Was able to ride it for 20 miles and really got a good feel on the bike. I would have to say the MTB were getting more riding time at this demo. It looked like the bikes were getting top notch support, with mechanics and sales people all over them. I dont think you could go wrong with your buy.