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Need San Diego vacation advice(4 posts)

Need San Diego vacation advicebike_junkie
Aug 3, 2001 3:40 PM
First, I apologize for the non bike-related topic, but I figured some of you must be San Diegans.

I can't bring the Serotta, but I'm taking the family over for four days to check out the SD Zoo, SeaWorld and the beach.

I'm driving over from this oven we call Phoenix, so the weather will be a vacation in itself.

Does anyone have any advice on a good beach, places to eat, or other things to do?

The water is colder than they tell you ...Humma Hah
Aug 3, 2001 5:01 PM
I was not all that impressed by the SoCal beaches. The deep water right off shore never is really warm, and can get suddenly very cold. The coast is also often cloudy. The beaches tend to be small and crowded, with the best ones the ones hardest to reach. Weekends are a zoo -- go midweek and it is much better.

At Balboa Park, where the zoo is, there is a great set of museums including a fine aviation museum. The harbor has the Star of India, an iron-hulled sailing ship from two centuries ago. There is some railroad history, including restored trains in Campo, and a model railroad museum. Great hiking in the Lagunas. Wine country a little north in Temecula. Lawrence Welk groupies will enjoy that area, too.

Hmmm -- check out Torrey Pines State Park. The glider port near there is where James Brolin did an arthritis pill commercial that's presently airing. Hot air balloon rides. Sailplane lessons. Deserts. Indians. Casinos. No end of fun things to do.

I rarely did any of them. I had a bike. It is bike heaven. They also rent bikes all up and down the coast.
If you need a bike fix ...bianchi boy
Aug 3, 2001 5:56 PM
Rent a bike and ride it out to Fiesta Island in the bay. It's a 4-mile loop around the island and like riding on a TT course. No traffic. Lots of fun for someone who can't ride anywhere without hitting a bunch of hills.

If you like to hike, go to Torrey Pines. Beautiful trails, lovely beaches, no crowds. Another nice outdoorsy place is the Point Loma lighthouse. Beautiful views, nice trails, some history.

Balboa Park is worth several visits. I like the cactus garden, but I'm into plants. The museums and zoo and art village are nice, and it's a beautiful park just to walk around in. Oh, and if you need another bike fix, they have a velodrome that's open to public. Really, you could spend just about every day doing something different at Balboa Park.

La Jolla is a fun place to visit with a great beach and sea lions lying around. In NC, we would pronounce that just the way it looks, but in California it's pronounced La Hoya. I was immediately pegged as a tourist.

I borrowed a bike from someone when I was out in San Diego in April. I rode 130 miles that week, just riding out to Fiesta Island and following bike trails around the area. Went with one group ride up to La Jolla, and rode out to Point Loma lighthouse another day.
re: Need San Diego vacation advicebadabill
Aug 4, 2001 2:33 PM
Please no more zoners in SD. Go away, leave us alone:-) Just kidding.
All the places stated above will keep you busy. Also the Scripps aquareum in La Jolla is great. the beach's are crowded now so be prepared. The strand in Coranado is a great beach that doesnt get very crowded. Did a loop ride out to cabrillo today, it was great. The tidepools at the base of the lighthouse are fun for the kids, make sure you hit them at low tide. Enjoy the stay...