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titanium is comfy do i need a stiff one(9 posts)

titanium is comfy do i need a stiff onestinkinuts
Aug 3, 2001 2:43 PM
hey guys,
Just took up road biking a few months ago and bought a titanium bike because of some input of a friend and a LBS. Anyway, I am very happy with the bike however do not have anything to compare it to.
I have a friend who has ridden a serrota for over 2 years and recently purchased a bianchi loaded up with durace and velomax wheels. He claims he is so much quicker on the aluminum bike he may not ride his ti bike except on long training rides. He swears it is not in his head despite all of the gang suggesting that it is. I am in fairly good condition and really can't lose weight but I definately wonder if I would climb faster on an aluminum frame with some Kysirium wheels. I am very interested in improving and becoming faster wherever I can. I do not want to have to spend another big chunk of change just to have 2 bikes that serve 2 purposes. I have considered the CAAD5 2001 R3000 as a second bike. Or will I never climb very well because I am 6'3" and weigh 183lbs.

appreciate the input, a new roadie
Got the Ti bike for you...Biking Viking
Aug 3, 2001 2:58 PM
Get a Moots VaMoots - it does everything well, climb, descent, corner acellerate.

I am 6'2" and the same weight as you, and I climb well on my bike, but I don't know how much the bike has to do with it.

Dont botherrailer
Aug 3, 2001 4:03 PM
Its not going to make a substantial or noticeable dif in climbing speed. However if you have the money, aluminum is fun and different than Ti. It would be a fun second bike or maybe first bike. Ti seems a little flexy to me but has an excellent straight line ride. Spend the money on some light wheels. At your weight I wouldnt get "super" light wheels.
Ksyriums ARE good for climbing...alansutton
Aug 4, 2001 10:52 AM
good for out-of-the saddle climbing due to it's stiff design.
one newbie's opinionkenyee
Aug 3, 2001 5:06 PM
The Bianchi probably feels faster but less stable. I tried a Bianchi Brava recently. A friend I bike with lets me swap bikes with him so he can try it too; he said the Bianchi felt faster too. He has a $900 Lemond (can't remember what the name is). The Brava hurt more over bumps, but felt lighter and faster; pedaling effort was lighter as well. It was really sensitive to steering input though (couldn't go straight as easily as with the Lemond). Your friend probably had a Serrota steel (the Lemond is also steel), so probably feels the same difference.

Have you tried his and compared? Did you shop around at all to make sure you made the right choice? I'm enjoying the shopping experience. A Cannondale R300 or R400 is next on my list of stuff to try that local bike shops rent out (I don't believe in the "you can go ride it in the parking lot before buying it mentality" :-)
Titanium has the potential toSlothlike
Aug 3, 2001 8:04 PM
be everything that aluminum is if it is made specifically for such purposes. But the inverse isn't true. Aluminum cannot be made as comfortable as titanium. If you have a high end ti bike, it should perform as well as any bike on the road. Litespeed Ultimate is incredibly stiff and known to be stiffer than many aluminum and steel bikes, but at the cost of comfort. Serottas are known to be stiff as well so the myth that ti is flexy is based on the original ti rides that were straight gauge with no tapering or butting of tubes. My theory on stiffness/comfort and effect on speed is that if you are comfortable, you will be faster. If you race crits, a super stiff albiet less comfortable bike may be necessary. I am a Litepseed owner and you can have both in a frame. The Vortex Classic, and even the Tuscany are all raceable and more than comfortable for long rides. I am sure other highend ti like Seven and Merlins are as well. All the aluminum bikes I have had were stiff but beat the crap out of me. Newer high end aluminum is more comfortable than in the past, but no match for carbon or titanium, not even close. If you are looking for an excuse to just buy another bike, then nothing will convince you and go for it buy as many as you can afford and store. Can never have too many bikes.
probably his imagination...C-40
Aug 4, 2001 8:22 AM
Lots people post crazy ideas that their latest new bike is so much faster, even if it's only 1/2 pound lighter. This is usually just the result of new bike enthusiasm. I've tried just about everything over the years; several steel frames with heavy shamal wheels to ultra stiff Ti (Ultimate), stiff Al (Cannondales), and now carbon fiber (C-40). I've ridden a 15 year old steel frame with 36 spoke wheels and aero bars just as fast (average speed) as my C-40.

The real stiff frames give the impression of superior climbing, but in reality I've been able to hit the same maximum speeds on my favorite hills with any of them. Varying wind conditions can make the hills much easier or harder from one day to the next. My speeds on the same hills vary over a large range, depending on the conditions and my level of enthusiasm at the time. Give my someone to compete with, and my speeds go way up.

At your weight it would be difficult to reduce your total bike & rider weight by much more than 1% (2lbs). Maybe the ultra-stiff Al frame would be worth 1% more (at best). If climbing at 15.3mph instead of 15mph gives you the feeling that you're really screaming, go for it. Just remember that the reduced weight also lowers your speed on the downhills and has no effect at all on the flats.

At 183lbs, it's not likely that you'll ever be much of a climber. Likewise, 135 pounders like me seldom ride real fast on the flats. On those hills though, I can set back and cruise and still leave most folks far behind.
probably his imagination...badabill
Aug 4, 2001 2:55 PM
Tend to agree with you. A set of wheels can make a slight diff. I use 2 sets of wheels now, A CXP33 mavics and a velomax ascent. I can usually climb a little faster with the Velomax, but the 33 are better on the flats so its a trade off.
re: titanium is comfy do i need a stiff oneTi is 7 times better
Aug 4, 2001 7:52 PM
Whatever!?!?!?! Just find the "Commitment"