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Ever wonder how silly superstitions start?(6 posts)

Ever wonder how silly superstitions start?Slothlike
Aug 3, 2001 2:00 PM
Well, they are started by morons like me with too much time on their hands. You know, step on a crack break you mother's back or don't walk under a ladder. While riding a regular route, I seem to encounter random gloves by the sides of the road. Either a work glove, leather glove (like OJ the wife killer) or rubber glove. Never both, just one glove of the pair. I am sure others have had this experience with gloves or possibly shoes or whatever.
Here is the new superstition that I will take credit for after it spreads like wildfire amongst the cycling community.


Remember, I made this up so you can trace this superstition back to me in 30 years or so.
Thank you
It's all about control.grzy mnky
Aug 3, 2001 2:09 PM
Your left or the glove's left?

Institutionalize your superstitions and you can call it a religion. Someone has a vested interest in your doing something a certain way.
It's all about control.Slothlike
Aug 3, 2001 4:00 PM
Pass on the left (your left) like you do in a car or on a bike etc.
Whoever reads this will remember this next time they encounter an orphaned glove or shoe.
Aug 4, 2001 6:12 AM
I remember reading something recently about seeing and picking up a penney will bring you good luck. I see a couple of penneys when I ride but I don't take the time or effort to do so.

What if the shoe or glove is laying in the opposing lane? I make it a habit to try and pass objects on the right near the roadway edge line.

Reminds me of an unrelated incident that happened a couple of years ago. A cyclist I kept on dropping on hills insisted on passing me on the downgrades. At one point she came blasting out of nowhere from behind me on a descent and started to pass me just as I elected to veer to the right to avoid a shovel handle that was laying in the traffic lane on a curve. If I would have veered to the left she would have hit me. Maybe she needs to go to traffic school to learn defensive riding habits...
Aug 4, 2001 8:05 AM
You should only pick the penny up if it is on heads. Never if it is on tails. At least that is what the superstition says. I like the idea of passing things on the left because I think it is sort of a paradox. Left is considered to be the more "evil" of the 2 directions as "sinistra" is the word for "left" in Italian which comes from the root,meaning "sinister". At one point left handed people were considered evil or sinister. I am not left handed or overly superstitouis (believe it or not), but when you pass an on your left, you are technically passing it on its right but your left. Don't pay attention to what is in the other lane. Worry about that on your way home.
Aug 4, 2001 10:25 AM
I hear you. I should have veered left or right instead of electing to ride with my head up my a** when I ran over that big chunk of gravel last year that blew out my front tire while I was descending and sent me to the hospital for seven days. Maybe that's why I'm a little tweaked. Blame it on the concussion, and old age...