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Kan I wear a Kelme jersey if I kan't klimb?(6 posts)

Kan I wear a Kelme jersey if I kan't klimb?bianchi boy
Aug 3, 2001 1:49 PM
I think Kelme team jerseys are really kool, but I kan't klimb worth a krap. Will I look like a klutz kranking up killer klimbs in a Kelme jersey? Or will I be a disgrace to the Kelme kult?
re: Kan I wear a Kelme jersey if I kan't klimb?mike mcmahon
Aug 3, 2001 2:04 PM
I've noticed that my climbing skills have improved dramatically since I started using a Kelme water bottle about a year ago. I would imagine that a Kelme jersey would have you climbing like a mountain goat within a week.
Or you could take Lance's route. . .JS5280
Aug 3, 2001 2:23 PM
Just a quick orchiectomy (remove a testicle for the layman), a few rounds of chemo, and you too can ride like the Lance!

(Fine print: Results not guarenteed)

Damn, didn't read the fine print.
Kelme jersey on a Biankhi, Thats takcy. Kleme rides LOOCDave Hickey
Aug 3, 2001 2:36 PM
he rides a gios now, Kelme/fernando escartin's old 1999bike (nm)dcrider
Aug 3, 2001 2:47 PM
You're right ...bianchi boy
Aug 3, 2001 5:12 PM
But I would only wear my Kelme when riding my GIOS, which used to be their team bike until they lost their religion and switched to LOOK. Anyone know where I can find a 1999 Kelme jersey that says GIOS rather than LOOK?