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Best Lance Armstrong interview of all times(5 posts)

Best Lance Armstrong interview of all timesSlothlike
Aug 3, 2001 1:36 PM
was on today and I taped it. He was on for an entire hour with no commercials on the PBS show Charlie Rose. Just Lance, Charlie Rose and the famous big round table that they sit at. Background is pitch black and the two just talked for an uninterrupted hour. Great. In fact, you can see that Lance enjoyed the intelligence of Charlie's questions and atmosphere. Proof, 45-50 minutes into the interview, Lance's mentions his twin girls coming and states "that is another story, we'll get to that later". Later? How long did he want to stay talking to Charlie Rose? Charlie being the awesome interviewer says,"no lets get to that now". Time must have flew for Lance if he didn't sense how long into the interview he was. Totally bare bones, no dramatic build ups or cutting away to highlights (except at the start). Just Lance and Charlie talking. Very intimate, intelligent, interesting. I hate to say it, but it was more interesting than the majority of the Tour itself except the good stages. Check your local listings to see if it will be replayed later today or on weekend. They have the tendency to repeat.
re: Best Lance Armstrong interview of all timescarbonman
Aug 3, 2001 6:11 PM
I saw it also. I was thinking the exact same thing !! What an awesome interview. I also saw the one on comparison !! You can really tell that Charlie did his homework on this one ! Very intriquing about the doping issues. Even my wife sat down to watch & was quite interested (that's saying a lot).
On at 11:00 CT tonite in Dallas, channel 2.. (nm)tv_guide
Aug 3, 2001 6:11 PM
never mind not a rerun tonite...sorrytv_guide
Aug 3, 2001 6:13 PM
Check your local PBS affiliateMeDotOrg
Aug 4, 2001 8:04 AM San Francisco, KQED repeats the Midnight Rose shows the following weekday at noon, so Thursday night's broadcast should be shown next Thursday (August 9th) at noon.